The Great Digimon Porting Project,diglogXH8DK.png

This is the Project, that is all about porting models from the Digimon franchise, to GMod.

The goal is, to get every available Digimon as a ragdoll.
Ive did some work already, and everybody who wants, can help me in the one or the other way. By giving informations, sending me models or even helping me rigging.

Requests are also welcome, but consider, that its very time consumable to rig.

Please have a look on my deviantpage for actual screenshots and more:

Done already:

























*to be updated

Download Pack:

available models:

heres the list, what ive got in the korean un-updated version of DMO (
the actual english beta version contains more models, but the problem is, that the models arent listed. theyre unnamed and its a pain to find out, whats a model and what is only data (there are over 10.000 files!!! and theyre only named with numbers)

there may some other models in other games, but the question is, how to get the model out of PSX/PS2 games. we really need some help with this.

*big thanks to KaraszKun, for searching models in the DMO datasystem

You should try adding some detail textures and maybe some slight normals if you ask me. Some of the models could also use $halflambert

well, i already used $halflambert and of course, adding some materials afterwards, is possible.
anyway, thank you!

Awesome tilloile

Oh, I request Sukamon :v:

if theres an 3d model, yes. havent found one yet

Is it possible to port Veemon? From what i remember there is one model that looks quite nice.

Awww… I remember when I use to watch Digimon and now… It kind of sucks.

If I remember right I posted a link to some models of Impmon and Beelzemon on the other thread. But just in case I’ll post the link here as well.

Most of the models come from Digimon Masters Online, an mmorpg.

Now, to be honest, we can expect more Digimon models from that game by patches.

Absolutely right! we can hope for more digimon, maybe some raritys

Impmon is done now

Flamon please? :3

Edit: I know he’s in Rumble Arena 2, so it might be easier.

Tyrannomon maybe?

Specifically Dark Tyrannomon;

And Guilmon? If he’s in that game.

How about Dorumon? (Appears in Digimon World 4)

Or Baihumon (Digimon world 2)

You are credit to team!

I have access to Rumble Arena 2 for the Playstation 2 and already have it working off my DVD drive and PCSX2. The problem however appears that the conventional model ripper 3D Ripper DX isn’t compatible with PCSX2 as all it does is capture the emulator, not the game. The only mentioned workaround is by using 3D Via Printscreen with ZeroGS but I heard it tedious (you get the texture data and a flat wireframe model). If anyone has tips on ripping PS2 models I can probably supply at least a dozen models to work with, otherwise all I can offer are the .RES files that you find on the game disc but hell, those could be anything.

Edit: FYI, included characters (and possible models) in RA2 are:

I might also have a copy for the Xbox somewhere in my bin of spare discs if model ripping is any easier on an emulated xbox.

the question is, what to do with the .RES files. if theres a program to open them, please post the link here

Biyomon done
Filelist posted on 1st post

Think you can get Tentomon bud? He’s one of my favorites, right above Wormon and Calumon.

Tentomom is done :wink:

What about Patamon? Any possibilities of seeing him or Angemon in Gmod?

You got your wish, man. :slight_smile: