The Great Frustrating Map Challenge VOTING THREAD AHOY!

Alright all its finally here! I know there has been alot of delays due to unforeseen circumstances but I am happy to announce we are back on track!

So how does this work?
Simple you download the following maps, play them, then vote on them in the Poll. the most difficult map wins, the Winner gets his pick from the prize pool and picks 2 items he/she wants, then second and then third choose one prize each consecutively.

Currently we have E.Y.E. Divine Cybermancy being donated to the comp by Eyefunk and a copy of Orion: Dino Horde donated by All0utWar Also we have the following prizes The Swapper and Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe courtesy of Rendezvous Charity Gaming whom contacted me and expressed interest in donating some prizes.

And here are the Contestants!!!

1> Giraffen93:

2> Zyx:

3> Matt2468rv:


5> Onepu:

We also have an optional Source mod created by wazanator which can be used to house all our great maps.

Good luck everyone, your gonna need it…

Giraffen’s download link doesnt work

Could you post some pictures of the maps ?

Here’s one from my entry. sfc_onyx

Here’s the one for my map.

Voted for Bruxxus. I hate you Bruxxus. Go Bruxxus! (I still frustrate at you)

Here’s a video for mine:

I just wish I could see the facial expressions of players when they walk into that room…

When I tried playing it, clicking barely pushed up at all, I had to spam M1 just to keep him off the ground…

Hmm it should work like it does in the video. Not sure why that would be happening.

Fixed the Giraffen93 link, I have no idea why that was broken.

Here’s a quick screenshot from my map.

Dude, Zyx, your map is so freakin frustrating! I got a few rooms through, but didn’t even know if I was doing it right. I really like it.

Train mapping competition next?

Let’s not talk about what competitions are coming next, keep it on topic with the current one. I’ll check these out when I get home!

If I could get some feed-back or criticism for my map from anyone I’d appreciate it, I’m not the best judge to say what I did right and what i did wrong with it.

Your maps is awesome! Very creative and frustrating. I haven’t got to the end yet, but the parts I have seen are really hilariously maddening. I’m pretty impressed with all the entries honestly, even though I haven’t been able to beat any of them yet. HAHA

Thanks for the critique! I’ve completed all maps that were posted but they really took some time and a lot of quick saving/quick loading. Your map was definitely the prettiest, and the stair challenge was very creative; nice job!

Thanks! I sort of used the map to work on a few skills I’d been wanting to learn, like brush lighting and making custom textures and bumpmaps. Still had some weird lighting issues but I didn’t have time to fix them all. I was going to make it longer, but after watching people try the stair/block room I decided not to be too evil. LOL

Without giving anything away, the long hall in your map had me cracking up! That’s a real life frustration we can all understand.

I think I beat Giraffen93’s? I’m not quite sure.