The great sky starring Sonic

Someone really enjoys the skybox.

Beside the point that its the Sonic model it doesnt look too bad.

I thought it would somehow fit.

Sonic Models never fit the Source Engine




/i have a steak for lunch

good grief, there’s not a single part on the internet where people actually use common sense.

Dont be mad bro.
We are just messing around cause you used that faggish sonic model.

That’s the problem.
It’s a damn opinion, not a fact. Now stop being stupid and either give constructive criticism, rate it or stay out of my thread.

I don’t care about your opinion of a single model ruining a picture. The picture itself matters and not the character that you like/dislike in it.

The pose and angle are good, not fan of the model, but in this case that’s fine.

I agree with headshotter. The model is awful, get over it.

Model is generally terrible.

I don’t get it.
Why do I have to get over it if you guys are the ones that keep repeating the same opinion over and over again.

I just made a picture, you should get over it. I used a model that you don’t like.
For fucks sake, use common sense. Please, for once, use that little microbic thing in your head called brain.


Your head

With this attitude you aint coming far here.

Oi, Calm down Miss.

[li]Could use some Rimlighting[/li][li]In-fact you could’ve probably put some phong on Sonic to make him look better in the picture[/li][li]Those Rock textures are Fugly, you could have textured them or replaced them with better looking textures.[/li][li]Ditto for the ground textures and Sonic’s textures.[/li][/ul]

I hope he falls off the cliff.

Take a look around the section for a while and try to find someone that uses that model.

Constructive criticism inbound:

Don’t use a Sonic model.