The Great Wooly Mammoth, wholly free of common sense. Also, Boy Scouts.

I am trying to make a movie with Garry’s Mod (kudos if you recognize the book I’m doing from the title of this post) and I need a Ragdoll and NPC of a Great Wooly Mammoth. There is already a skin in existence for an elephany, so a brown, furry reskin of that (with tusks) would be perfect. Also, if someone could make a playermodel of the Scout wearing a Boy Scout uniform with an Eagle Scout badge (personal use, duh), I’d be much obliged. Thank you for your time.

A Scout is Trustworthy,

Alright. Let me say this: I would REALLY LIKE THESE MODELS. So please… at least comment with the name of a person I could get in touch with to make these. Thanks a dozen.

I have been camping longer than I’ve bee alive,

There is a mammoth ragdoll from Dinohunters.

That being said, the mammoth was so rigid that posing was impossible. I wouldn’t mind supporting this, if only I could finally use the damn thing. You’re probably on your own about the Eagle Scout, but I’m fairly sure you could find someone to re-rig the mammoth.

Just rip the one from Skyrim. People did it with fallout 3 so it should be possible.

Or you can just reskin this to make it look brown and wooly:

See, that elephant V2 model was the one I saw, but I don’t know how to realign things. A little help? :slight_smile:

I bought a balisong so I could be like the Spy,

Time to stick this at the top of the list: WOULD SOMEONE PLEASE RESKIN THE DANG ELEPHANT? And if the whole lot of y’all are too lazy to do it, could someone PLEASE tell me how? Thank you.

I have enough outdoor skills to make Barnabas Hale “The Bitter Taste of Defeat and Lime” with envy,

You’re telling people that their too lazy to re-skin this “Elephant” for you when you are asking for a tutorial on how to do it when you can just as easily google it. derp.
EDIT: This is in the Mods and ADDONS area, not Re-skinning section.

How much will you pay me to reskin it?
In steam games or tf2 metal/hats :3

For some reason no one else has mentioned it yet, so I’ll say it for them.

There is no reason for you to “sign” your posts. You’re not writing a letter to grandma, you’re on an internet forum.

I’m sorry. It’s just one of those things that really irks me, like nails on a chalkboard. Just stop it.

His signatures are funnier than most though. As for the model, why not just use the elephant model and color it brown? Doesn’t sound like you need something with a ton of detail.

As for the Scout, not sure you can do anything about it short of learning modelling yourself, mate. It’s something you’ve gotta learn yourself, not many can teach you with just text. Start on Youtube, look up some modelling videos, grab yourself XSI ModTool, and start modelling. Do some experiments, export them to GMod, check em out.

From there, the sky’s the limit.

Alright, gentlemen, I just got back to this, let me address you individually:

Agile: This is the closest thing to reskinning I could find. If this is the wrong section, it’s my fault. I’m sorry. Also, I don’t know how to reskin.

Dwarf: I’ll pay you in TF2 metal, how much you want?

Mystery: See below.

Steel: Thank you for saying what I was trying to think: I was just trying to add a bit of humor with my signatures. It’s not like I put “love,” whatever. Also, thank you for the tip. I may go look that up now. Thanks a bunch.

Because of “Joyful Mystery” I will stop signing my posts,
(P.S.- Trololol I’m sorry that annoys you, but I’m not gonna stop doing that. It makes me think while I post)