The greatest base raid defense fail in the history of Rust!

Hey guys, so this just happened and I thought I should share it with people! Unfortunately I have no video footage, so you’re just gonna have to… yeah… you know… read (Or just leave, you know you came for a video, you don’t have time nor the effort to read this, and if you scroll through this, you even see how long it is and don’t want to do it double).

Anyway, if you made it up until now, you probably do want to read this, so I won’t bore you with this shit anymore and let you read the actually story:
So I was playing with one friend on this noob-friendly vanilla server (There is however one modification that disables crafting of C4, so it’s more rare and only obtainable through airdrops, which only happen if there are 50+ players, and I’ve seen that happen once this week). Anyway, we have a pretty nice house built. It’s well-hidden in the hills and as I was crafting something inside, I suddenly heard somebody walking outside our house, so I opened the front door and there he was. Full kevlar with M4 pointed right at my face, the guy’s name was… well I probably shouldn’t use the real name so let’s just call him FuckFace! (By the way, everybody hates this guy since he kills everyone on sight, killed me and my friend… erm… let’s say his name is Oogie multiple times from behind) I immediately emptied an M4 magazine into his chest, or what I thought was his chest, but instead it was everywhere except his body (I should apply for a storm trooper’s job with my aim) and received two clean headshots myself. I respawned in the house again, grabbed my P250 from the box and while FuckFace was looting my body and taking my beautiful full kevlar and bolt action rifle, I decided to shoot him from behind. I got two clean shots, one of them a headshot but then he turned around and killed me again. At that point I realized I left the door to the house open, FuckFace entered the house and stole everything that was worth stealing (Not much to be honest) and destroyed my bed. As of the new update, I could not respawn in my bed again, since there is a timer, so I respawned somewhere else and headed for the house.

While all of this was happening, my friend, Oogie, was on the roof of the house with his spawn in a different room… and a few boxes with a couple of weapons. Oogie tried to kill FuckFace multiple times himself, but always failed. The reason FuckFace was still near our house was because the house was built between two big rocks and surrounded by large spike walls and a wooden gate. He got inside because he jumped off of a rock near the house. He was stuck inside a circle of large spike walls and we couldn’t kill him at all. He even killed Oogie multiple times, but most of the times he was on the roof, so when he died, he didn’t lose any items. Once however, Oogie decided to surprise FuckFace and jump down from the roof and kill him from behind… Guess what happened?.. (Oogie should apply for a storm trooper’s job as well)

So this kept repeating for quite a while and I asked help from a big friendly group on the server, they call themselves the police and help players in need and kill bandits. So 4 people from that group decided to come and help us. At that time, Oogie kept respawning in the house and hopelessly trying to kill FuckFace, I was waiting for the Police near Rad Town where we were supposed to meet up and I would lead them to our base. Also, at around that time, FuckFace asked for help from one of his team to bring him some wood so he could build out of our base. His help came sooner. As he was hopelessly crafting small storage boxes and unsuccessfully trying to jump over the large spike walls, now with a friend nearby sniping Oogie even on the roof, it got dark and the police finally arrived, but they refused to keep moving as it was about midnight and we couldn’t see anything, we waited for the morning and then we started moving towards the base. Almost at the base, we met three guys in kevlar heading that direction as well who immediately started shooting at us, I was just freshly spawned and had nothing but the rock. I however still decided to flank around, got near one guy who only had the bolt action rifle and hit him three times with the rock when he finally killed me. So at this point I was out of the action again…

NOW, FuckFace has finally made it out of the large spike walls circle of death using a storage box and a barricade to jump out, Oogie started following him but somehow lost him. He started firing randomly and noticed that FuckFace was coming back… with more people, probably angry… Oogie legged it back to the base as the group of fully kevlared people approached our base, after about 20 minutes of searching for the base myself, I finally made it in there, the two doors to our base were still open and there was an enemy standing right in front of them, I quietly got up on the rocks, jumped down to the circle of death, sprinted past that guy and closed the door behind me. There were still some guns and medkits inside the house, I placed down a sleeping bag incase I’d get killed. Luckily they thought it was still just Oogie in the base and had no idea it was the two of us. Both with guns and medkits. They started speaking: “Open up! We’re friendly!” To which Oogie sarcastically replied: “Yeah, sure” as he was already killed twice by them while I was gone. I messaged the leader of the police asking where the hell they were, how did the firefight go and why are they still not in the base. He said they follwed FuckFace back to his base and are now in his base, which actually filled me with joy. Everybody hated that guy, and finding his base was a jackpot for the well-being of the server. However, we still kind of got into a fight:

  • Dude, where are you! There’s enemies in our base, a lot of them, we need help!
  • Well, we can’t help you now! We’re in their base! Attacking!

So I knew it was just the two of us now. One of them fell off of a cliff right in front of the door where I was and died of fall damage. I looted his body and got 3 M4s, bolt action rifle and full kevlar. Suddenly I heared that sound that nobody wants to hear when they’re inside their house… “Click, click, click, click… BOOM!” They placed C4 on the wall of the house… again “Click, click, click, click… BOOM!” The wall was down, they were inside the house. They reached no boxes though as the base was relatively well-built and they needed to go through two more metal doors to get to anything, but the access to the roof was now cut off as they were on the top floor of the house. They started yelling at us: “Where are you, you little bitches! We’re coming to kill you!” I, already changed my underwear twice, feeling my heart pounding all the way up in my throat, went up to where Oogie was. They placed another C4… and another C4, got through the first door… I heard two more C4 being placed on another door and went to change my pants again. The room they got to was where Oogie’s bed was and a storage box with over 2000 gunpowder. Oogie opened the door and got killed immediately, I was just crouching there in the corner clutching my M4 almost as tight as my ass was at that moment. I waited a bit until they started looting Oogie’s body then fully focused held down left click and went full-auto on those bitches. They had no idea I was there, BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM! Headshot, bodyshot, legshot, one penis went flying off, a few bullets in Oogie’s bed, a couple more in a different person’s head. After what I thought was about enough shooting time for them to notice me and point their guns at me, I closed the door to where me and Oogie came from. Oogie was dead, two of their guys were dead, I was locked inside the room right next to them and now they knew about me, there were still like 2 guys left… What the fuck do I do? At that point, I heard a familiar voice speak: “Plectro, was that you?”… I slowly pressed V and said…: “Yes…?” At that moment it all hit me. It hit us all… Yoloman, the head of the police started yelling: “WHAT THE FUCK PLECTRO! I thought this was FuckFace’s base, we wasted fucking 6 Explosive Charges on your house!”…

Yes, this just happened. Epic facepalm moment of all time. FuckFace looted our house, took both mine and Oogie’s full kevlar, two Bolt Action Rifles, a shotgun, two M4s, two P250s and an MP5. He then left the house through his barricades and storage boxes and what Oogie thought was his crew coming back for us, was actually the Police… who thought they found FuckFace’s house, so we were just shitting ourselves inside the house, killing one another, all friendly fire, they blew up our house, wasted their C4 and all our gunpowder went missing and nobody knows where. FuckFace’s base is still nowhere to be found and we lost a lot of supplies and a lot of good men. So a little tip for the future? For the love of God, learn to communicate properly with friendlies, don’t make the same mistake as we did.

That’s all folks, if you made it all the way through to this point and read it all, you have my admiration and one completely useless little plus from me. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed my story :slight_smile:

Im not sure what to say…so…first?

Holy wall of text, batman.

Would it kill you to either take video, summarize it, or at very least shorten it?

Ill do the TLDR, they assualted the wrong base, it was wacky

Epic Simply Epic Op That’s A Good MeMe I fuken Epic Win Love Taht FacePalm Fail Story!!!

No I got it, I gave it a read, it just really could have been shortened is all.

Jonnymad the length was fine if yiu dont like it go post on another thread

That is fucking hilarious. Totally worth the full read. I love the way your write, really enhanced the humor. :]

My first time being raided… when i had more then shelter was sort of similar. I had some people suddenly show up at my house it was just me and my one friend inside. We were shooting at them through windows. Everywhere we looked there was someone hiding outside the house ready to take a shot at us. It was insane we didn’t understand how they moved around so quick and got to new locations. then we started hearing the dreaded click click sound. I could see them coming through my wood gate, then the next wood gate. At this point i couldnt see the people who were next to the house but still everytime i popped out of any window on any floor facing all 4 directions there was someone there to shoot back.

Next i started hearing the clicks again and explosions going off. I couldn’t tell at all where in my house it was coming from. my metal house was about 5-6 floors at this point with a maze of doors getting up to my loot room on the 4 or 5th floor (at this point i had it one floor below the top floor) I thought for sure these people were building up and coming in the side… noone would have enough c4 to get through all those doors, and it sure wouldn’t be worth it.

It Took me a while to finally realize they were in fact coming up from the bottom… making their way through all my metal doors just blowing them all at that point they were probably one floor below the loot room so i started taking the most important/expensive stuff up to the top floor. I moved all my c4 and most my guns/bullets up there by the time they blew the last door to get to the level my loot room was on. I made tossed a couple shots their direction and took off. So there me and my friend were pinned on the top floor, couldn’t go to the roof or we’d get shot and couldn’t go down. At this point i was getting a little angry and my adrenaline was pumping. They stopped using c4 and i could hear them just running around down there, my server had recently added a mod that allowed players to teleport to other players a few times a week, i had already argued with the admin about how stupid i thought this feature was. I started to realize that the only way these people were going to loot everything was to make trips, and i assumed they were using the teleport feature to get back and forth. I started yelling at the admin in general chat that this was the EXACT reason i argued against the server using this mod, at the point i got a message on steam from one my allies on the server which said

“Dreldan is your house being raided right now?”
“yes, yes it is and they are teleporting in and out”
(at some point here i looked at the servers current online population and there were lke 13 people online 2 of them being myself and my friend)
the guy responded saying he and his friends were raiding what they thought was the house of one of the most wanted raiders on the server.
i said, “Some people are raiding my house right now and they just got to my loot room they are teleporting in and out making trips to loot it all”
Which he responded “no, its 9 of us and we thought we were raiding (soandso’s) sorry we’ll leave and i’ll try to get everyone to put your stuff back”

I was pretty flabbergasted that the entire server that was online raided me and neither of us put it together sooner who was being raided/doing the raiding.
it was a pretty crazy 30 minute raid and had my adrenaline going the entire time and i learned my base was still pretty vulnerable.

they used about 30+ c4 to get there as well.

Thank you for the feedback :P… I did not realize how long it was, until I was finished :D. Anyway…

I actually read the whole thing… That’s hilarious dude.

That’s really fuckin funny.

On the server I usually play on we had a raider PKer that would kill anyone on site as well. Everyone hated this guy…So I’m playing one day and several of the guys I join up with say they found this guys house. They had used all their C4 and had to be very close to the “honey hole”. He had to have a huge stash, he had raided everyone and killed us numerous times. The group had came back to their base to craft some more C4…the last they could craft…just enough to get through what they thought was the last door when I joined up with them. We all take off toward hacker valley, they start following a very familiar route. As were running I see my old house appear in the distance. Dang, I thought, this guy lives really close to my old place. Then I see the stair tower on the side of my house. About that time one of the guys says; “There it is up ahead”. Holy shit, “Uhm…guy’s. That’s my house, ya know…the one I just moved from?”

It would be nice to have clan logos that you can place on clothes and flags on flagpoles etc… that way you know who your buddy’s are and who’s base it is.

Oh god… was a part of a server that made a town consisting of 20 people. The leader of the town, myself and a few people went out to grab an airdrop. I was the first one there, was able to clear it, and right when I started running back to base I started to hear gunfire coming from multiple directions. So I ran from Resource Hole straight across the road into Zombie Hill. So much open land that I think it was a miracle that I took no damage at all.

Over Zombie Hill and into Rad Town Valley where we had our town, dropped off our stuff and, seeing as I was likely followed, went up into one of the guard towers.

At the time there were 3 major factions. Each of us had just come to an uneasy truce, of sorts. We were the largest, but it was at a time of night where we only had about 6 fighting people available, while the other factions had between 5-8.

As I was huddled up in the tower with my M4 and stack of 556, I see 5 people coming from the wooded area to the east. Immediately I take a bead, which was easy since it was late afternoon and going into twilight, but meant I would lose my sight soon. They were skulking through the trees, and once they got close enough… well… lets just say I didn’t hear our leader say “Don’t fire on anybody”.

I accident a war.

For the next three, adrenaline fueled hours of non-stop gunfighting, it went from a siege, to urban warfare, to trying to get another airdrop that happened mid-day the following day, to another siege started by the other faction trying to get us while we were weak, until the only thing that stopped the fighting was the fact that EVERYBODY RAN OUT OF BULLETS.

So yeah, like it was said before, communication is extremely important.

This thread is a good representation of why Rust > DayZ :3

nice story. it suits it better than a video