The greatest tool in your raiding arsenal.

Hey guys, Foorun here again.

I am back with the greatest thing since… wasting c4 to find a tool cupboard!

If you’ve ever found yourself at a level you are not comfortable with, wishing that you could grow to new heights…

I have your solution!

The boost!

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You are very late to the party. Here’s another example of how Rust is catering to group players.

the world works better in groups … deal with it and make some friends

In other current news, they added helicopters to the game!

I can’t believe they stopped us using ladders in building protected zones too man. :frowning:

It’s a video more aimed at people new to rust, as we all know the game is still growing, in great numbers with recent sales.

I know 90% of people know this, but the video is aimed at those other 10% that don’t know. :slight_smile:

Guaranteed 95% of the people that read through this forum aren’t new to rust at all. The new players that come to these forums usually are only here to port a thread with a question or something, they generally wouldn’t read through any other posts.