the Groke

“You have glowy eyes just like me. We should, like, totally hang out”

it looked way better in my head

Your pics never cease to amaze.


Holy fuck that’s scary. Brilliantly executed. Inspiration? Did you draw this?

Nice boobs.

He did, you should check out his DA if you want more spooky monsters.

As for the pic, nice work man,

i thought this was going to be about the moomin monster, just glad it wasn’t

reminds me of stories of the Wendigo

This deserves more attention. Agilor, I looked at your posted images and that helped me connect some of your other memorable pictures to you. Extremely talented.

it’s supposed to be “my own” version of the moomin monster, but a Wendigo makes more sense now that you mentioned it.

cheers man, I appreciate that a lot.

boobs = art

cuz if you slap boobs onto stuff it gets instant artistic, right?

Slap a dick on it and you’ll be the next Michelangelo.

ive had plenty of that myself and the title never came

Whenever I try to put dicks on things people just call me a freak and throw things at me.
Oh sure but if you’re Italian you can sculpt all the cocks you want and no one bats an eye.