The Groke's territory

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I have seen this show.

Why the fuck get so scared about it it’s just a fucking cartoon.

Thanks for informing us all :smile: Why the dumb?

:v: I will change it to artistic, it’s nice anyway

If you watched Moomins as a kid, you’d understand why the Groke is so scary. I used to have nightmares about it :v:

But he only wants a friend…

a late teen-ager, why am I afraid for a cartoon character?

It seems you suffer from severe case of the Moomins - trauma. Usually caused by the Groke from the show, ordinary disease in Scandinavia (especially in Finland).

BUT, about the pic… It lacks of the groke’s nasty but yet somehow friendly smile, and some icy foot/cape trails would be nice.

Me too.

Then I beat the living fuck out of it in a lucid dream. No, seriously. That happened. Hasn’t showed up since :v:

i tried adding a smile but it looked like: :downs:

Dat’s funny, cah I shot it in my dream.

It was a murder.

Why the fuck get so scared when playing Amnesia its just a fucking game :downs:

oh fuck bro, why did you remind me of that fucking cartoon i was going to play white night but now i don’t want to ;_;

My fucking god nostalgia hit me so hard.

-Snippety snip-