The Grouping of Exiles

C&C and what not.
Backstory (very very early one) is on my Deviant (Availible under my Avatar) and on the images own page in my Gallery, be sure to check them out if you want.

well made, btw what model is that with the red eyes

That would be ATPAgent’s Personal Model.

You should ask him if you want it, as I don’t want to distribute it without his consent.

red for realistic

cool image

why does he have pink shit on his face

Nesto, please stop posting dumb comments.

It’s not helping anyone and your they don’t make any sense, nor do you specifiy what your comment is aimed at.

he did specify lol

he asked about the pink shit on his face

On WHO’s face and what ‘pink shit’?

only one dude has pink shit on his face, that blonde feller in the back

i dunno, i don’t really care

I only see very light blue. :slight_smile:

Well, lets not continue on that and just keep the feedback/comments coming.