The Grudge - gamemode or something like that

Have you seen movie “The Grudge”? Just check it from Google if you haven’t.
So i got an idea for a gamemode from it.

[RELEASE]1 player is the Grudge woman (Kayako) and the others are normal humans. Grudges objective is to scare the crap out off the humans and kill them. Grudge can cloak himself for a while and possess and move props and emit creepy sounds. Grudge is slower to walk than Humans though. Grudge can attack with somekind of Hands like SWEP when uncloaked. Humans objective is to escape from the house through a secret exit or with a key to the exit door. Humans have a flashlight, which is capable to reveal the cloaked Grudge.[/RELEASE]
Map could be the House from the movie. And custom maps of course. Also, i have the nightmare house girls model and a Grudgeish reskin for it on my computer. If someone is willing to rig it as playermodel, i would appreciate it. :v:
I will upload it now.

why not have the objective for the survivors is to get the fuck out of the house

Okay, that is a good idea too. Actually much better. There should be somekind of secret exit or etc. You just can’t run there and gtfo though. I know, you have to find a key to the door? Or a crowbar so you can break the obstacles.


This could be a very good map for it.

Is anyone interested?


Picture in the op made me go all “AH SHIT ASHJDAS!”

Anyway the gamemode sounds just like that stalker mod, but with a ghost girl instead of a genetic experiment.

well it should be that the survivors could stun the grudge untill she becomes immune to it like stun her with the light that would only last about 5 or 10 seconds

That’s a good idea, don’t give the humans any weapons but the flashlight can stun the ghost if she gets caught in the light.

I like it, good thinking cookie.

Yeah but maybe there should be a cloaking meter. It regenerates pretty slowly and it lasts 20 seconds. If you are uncloaked, you will get stunned by the light. I know, it wouldn’t stun the Grudge, it would just make the Grudges screen white, so he doesn’t see anything for a 5-10 seconds.

don’t forget its immune timer and why not glow sticks or flares. matches anyone?

Also i uploaded the model, if someone could rig it as playermodel, i would be really happy.

you lost it for about 5 mins

Thought it was a she?

Yeah, but i was talking about the player. Player is he… or she possibly. :v:

Sounds interesting to code i bet someone is probably coding it so there is no point in coding it if someone is already coding it eh. :v:

both man and women if your talking about more then one player

There is only one Grudge ghost. It can do pretty bad damage. Possess props, emit creepy sounds, attack physically. So Grudge is not hopeless against humans.

Isn’t the stalker gamemode similar to this?

That’s what i was thinking. It would be possible to add the props possessing feature and a cloaking system for it. Plus changing the model and removing weapons from humans.
If someone could do this, i would appreciate it.

fuck soundes awesome

how come when ever something sounds awesome it turns the other way?