The Grudge Gamemode?

I’ve been thinking of creating the grudge game mode, however i can’t code in lua that well.
I’m not requesting for someone to create a game mode that is for my own server/benefit, i’m simply requesting for it to be made for public.
Ideas :
*Grudge Model
*Replicated The Grudge House / Hospital from the game “Juon The Grudge Wii”
*Grudge stalks you at first and then she may become aggressive and attack you.
*If your flashlight runs out, she instantly kills you.
*You can collect batteries to recharge your flashlight
*She makes death rattle when she’s about to attack you
*Body dragging noise when she’s stalking you
*Multiplayer Compatible
*To outrun her, you must get to checkpoints and find keys which will unlock the doors around the game.
*Not sure about the ending
I think that this gamemode will be fun for grudge lovers and it could be the most scariest gamemode in the entire gmod.
This thread doesn’t belong anywhere so i posted it here.
Sorry for my English, i am German.

So you’re the ideas guy?

Can’t you be more serious?
I’m not forcing anyone to do it.
This thread is for people who wish to do it in their own time.

Sounds like a slight modification of the Slender gamemode.
Is she player controlled or is it AI?
Also was a long time since i saw the movies (the american never saw the japaneese ones) how do those end?

I think that it’s best for her to be AI.