The Gryphons - Episode Three

This is also a SDoF test with max. graphics.
This time answer: should I continue or quit?

continue, but write the dialogue better and try some different speech mechanisms. actual speech bubbles are much better than strange fonts and lines going straight to their mouths.

this should help.

He uses Photoshop. I don’t… anyway in Ep4 I’ll see if I can make speech bubbles

The blue Halo-font was an instant turnoff for me, I recommend using a different one.

Since I’m a big Halo fan and I use Halo models… you can forget I’ll change the font in this comic

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If you know how to make speech bubbles in Paint.NET, I’m all yours

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News: I just got Photoshop, expect Speech Bubbles in the next episode

The dialogue is straight up nonsensical at times. And as other people have said, the ridiculous font and color and lack of speech bubbles just brings the quality down several notches.

The dialogue and pacing makes no sense at all. Previously, this mysterious man surprises her in a ‘rape-vice’ and immediately afterwards demands that she trust him. She immediately complies, no questions asked at all?

Now it makes even less sense that he is bestowing upon her the responsibility of delivering this device when they’re not even remotely close to trusting one another. This can only lead to a predicatably lame “backstab” or it’s just a fine example of poor pacing and writing. Whatever it is that you got planned in later episodes needs to be more convincingly introduced if you expect us to continue to reading it. Your characters are not human and lack any qualities to make me think otherwise.

I suggest working extra hard on the next episode because so far I’m just looking forward to seeing what other nonsensical situations you have planned to make me facepalm myself.

The beginning must confuse… I planned it… Everything will be explained when !Spoiler!
Don’t worry.
Also I changed dialogues of this episode three times.

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IM trying to make speech bubbles!

So to see if the guy can trust the woman, he told her to try… And repair a working radio… Ok.

I’d sure like to see the first draft.

Actually, he wanted to see if she would lie about the radio, but it didn’t turn the way I meant…

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Anyway it’s useless to wait now, this project is now Dead due to my lack of skills about everything… don’t expect anything else… just some pictures without thread… sorry everyone =(

Oh for christ’s sake, quit whining and keep trying. No one is an expert their first go around.

I’ll keep trying ok… just the maps are very laggy with max. graphics and they crash my PC, that’s a problem… I can make speech bubbles but they’re different to the normal ones… mine don’t have the lines all around it

If you have a photoshop you can use blending options > stroke to create a line around the speechbubble.