The Guardian Ep.1 (A Garry's Mod Short-film Series)


Took a go at my new computers recording power and it turned out quite nice. This will be a new series i will be starting (and adding much more depth to) once I have some more time.

Please comment and leave constructive criticism.

This will be a series on the Guardians, the last form of law in the wasteland and revered for their merciless ways. One in particular will be the main character (the one you see here in this episode). Watch in1080p.

I think it could have been done A LOT better, if you used something other than NPCs, because there was major hand clippage on the last scene of the two dudes standing next to one another, NPCs also decrease the quality of your work, simply because when most think NPCs in poses or otherwise, they think of laziness.

it looks like you spent more time on the intro instead of the actual video