"The Guardian has arrived."


And a bonus.


pulled it off nice.

These are awesome good sir, the first one looks like something that could make a hit Adult Swim show or an 80’s kids tv show, they were all about the musical heros back then, the second screenie, I just geeked all over my keyboard.

Nitpicky shit: the right arm of the rock knight looks broken, and the laser (if I understand this correctly) is firing from his left hand behind him into the engineer’s head. Also Starkiller’s floating.

I do really like the editing, though. The sparks are pretty neat.

fast, loud and rude

The bonus screenshot is a beauty.

Nobody can withstand the power of Eddies eruption.

Awesome man.

2nd one is fucking cool too.

sorry mr. Van Halen, what was that? i think you need to crank your amp up, i can’t hear you over the sound of Chris Poland melting my face

that laser beam is really fucking confusing

It’s magic.

magic perspective defying laser beams

my favorite!

guitar with aimbot