The guide to Bandits (How to become one)

If you want to become a bandit you have come to the right place! I will tell you the terminology, strategies and other pro tips to become a bandit in rust!


KOS: Kill On Sight
Bandit: someone who threatens others players for their person gain(for items mainly)
Noob: someone who is new to a game
Bunker: A safe place to hide that is far away
Safe house: A secret house unknown to others to be the home of bandits
Shotty: shotgun
Ally: a friend that you trust
Oxide: a plugin for servers which tells the entire server who has killed who and with what

There are others but they are not important!

Why become a bandit?

In the games current state after having a good base set up it is very boring… So many turn to becoming bandits!

Pro tips:

Only become a bandit after you have got a good base set up and have a safe house, a bunker and some allies to work with that you trust with your life!

Do not work with strangers, they WILL kill you and take your loot after a while.

Being a bandit DOES NOT MEAN KOS! A bandit will try and not kill the victim. This is to not make a name for themselves over oxide.

How to bandit =D




These things will let you take other peoples stuff. An average bandit does this when they see another player…

Bandit: sees player has no gun and is a noob
“Naked guy stop moving or I will shoot!”
Noob: stops
Bandit: “give me all your things or else I’ll kill you”
Noob:drops items
The bandit the. Let’s the noob continue along

Players prefer the to KOS as they don’t lose they’re house if they haven’t got a sleeping bag. Although they would rather not get mugged anyway!


Many other forms of bandits are there including

Raiding (most popular where you raid a house)
Betrayers (gets in with a group acts friendly and then kills them and takes their supplies)
Sociopaths (ME =D) (these people dream up antisocial ways to disrupt people eg trapping them in a house and making them get them 4 vials of blood using a blood draw kit, they will die)
Griefers (not considered a bandit by many they force someone to get trapped in their own home or make a base unusable.

Hope you enjoyed the quick guide =D

comment if you want more!

This is so very situational, sure its fun to hold people up but there is no way to guarantee they have dropped all there items or that they are in fact unarmed. You try this and you will die a lot or find said noob gives you nothing.

Just kill them and take there stuff, be done with it, being a bandit isn’t about being nice, well at least until they incorporate a way to actually rob people such as DayZ handcuffs, although obviously a rust alternative. That said i’m sure you cant copywrite handcuffs and they do make sense in a survival situation where you cant afford to rely on the good will of the person you are robbing.

the guide to bandits revised edition
step 1: find people
step 2: shoot them

I cringed reading some of this, then I threw my laptop out the window half way.

You owe me 800$ billy.

How to bandit:

Get 3 people from your 7th grade remedial English class. ( Bonus if they resemble the ginger bully from A Christmas story. )

Walk around in a group and giggle a lot as you kill nakeds. It’s important to avoid players that are armed.

Hack down the doors of all the shelters you see. This is raiding.

Use YouTube to find the most annoying ways to grief people and call it emergent gameplay if anyone complains. Use the term trolling incorrectly a few hundred times. Additionally you can use the term carebear at this point.

Read the chat to find out the noobiest noobs (“How do I cook meat? What does the plane?”). Offer them help. When they accept, find them, give them food, then shotgun them in the face. Log off, change player name, repeat. Hours of fun guaranteed.
Also don’t forget to give yourself a cool name, like
or something.

How to become a bandit: Kill everyone.

Wanna be a bandit? Run around acting like puckered a-hole, and bam you’re a bandit. EASY.

We had one guy on the server, he got shot one time with a bolt action. He then started screaming HE’S HACKING! ADMIN! PASDHJPHTE IS FUCKING HACKER! BAN HIM! for about half an hour in the chat. Admin told him to calm down. The guy then just copy pasted his hacker claim over and over again. After one hour he finally was kicked. So he behaved like a puckered asshole, but he was no bandit :slight_smile: