The hacker/glitcher/exploiter/chat spammer discussion thread. Hate hacks?? Think you saw a hacker??? tell us all about it HERE

Hackers are terrible, our house is ruined.

These people are called Racy and Muler.

Today theybroke into our house repeatedly, and broke our sleeping bags is less than 10 seconds, when killing us, it sounded like I was getting hit 10 times at once, with the sound effects overlapping.
They were able to break down our doors in far less than the 4 days that is required, and could get inside the house and kill me when I was watching the only spot they could get in.

Many others reported them as being hackers in the chat.

Mr. Penguin, CarlK3d and DinnerOrDie17 all vouch to their crimes.

Post your own experience below, perhaps some bans can be given if we can provide enough corroborating claims.

Seen a LOT of chat raging against these two, but their response to defend themselves was “we have 5000 ping!”.

Yeah, ok…

That is completely ridiculous. Also, evidence:


I was about 2/3rds of thew way along it when that happened. It is much longer.

EDIT: Picture of the bridge

Yea, that’s my pier. A group of 3 or so kept on trying to kill me while I was building it…

That’d be Racy and Muler, they were hanging out on the end of it for quite a while.

I meant to close it off with doors near the front, but Racy uses some noclip hack and he can float up and over obstacles.

The_Flash used a speedhack to gain access into my house. It was pretty clear because the axe sound was looping really fast and he was able to take down a door in seconds. My group was able to kill him like three times but he kept coming back. We left but the asshole eventually tore down every barricade, door and storage box in our house. Hoping he got banned by now.

EDIT: Haha, new group of assholes were able to gain access into my place. The lag was so bad I couldn’t even tell if they’re were really dead or not after killing them. They kept coming back after death just like The_Flash but I didn’t hear the same axe noise from last time. Couldn’t get all their names but one was JIP_Dawg. Before the “raid,” some individual by the name of DarkHarbinger came back twice within seconds after death so wouldn’t surprise me if he was affiliated with the group. It was honestly a huge mistake for the beta key system to be removed.

Some place a sleeping bag behind a tree right before a raid…

I can confirm, Racy and Muler are speed hacking and essentially going around wiping out people’s settlements. Sucks, but what can you do eh?

I’ll confirm as well, just happened to me. Hell, my stuff is missing from my crates and I still have doors up.

They just hit us at Worldwakers outpost. Everything is terrible.

I can first hand CONFIRM that racy is hacking. No one within 120 meters of me and I get instant gibbed by an axe.

Eh, done for the night. They’re using shitty hacks though or at least are doing it wrong. I’ve seen it before up close, they’re not doing anything others haven’t. They’re just being obvious about it.

Oh god it’s WarZ all over again.

Yup they just hit our outpost and destroyed our 16+ beds. I’d like to pretend it was just another server wipe… at least they can’t destroy our crafting knowledge eh?

Only not, because of reasons that will make you smile eventually. Hackers, enjoy yourselves. Please. Pay no heed to what you do, or whom you show off to. Be obvious as can be, we all welcome it!

Racy, Muler keeps killing me from distance and lawl has speedhack

I get killed without even seeing him in a field.