The hacker/glitcher/exploiter/chat spammer discussion thread. Hate hacks?? Think you saw a hacker??? tell us all about it HERE

Another cheater just a few hours after the last video.

Dunno why people keep reporting them.
Specially when they just throw out names out there with no time stamps or anything.

Just stop playing like AQ did until this issue becomes a priority aka probably at beta.

And what do you test if you lose your stuff every few hours? Next time read the posts.

that’s not some super hack, it’s cheat engine.

theres a guy names ( 's ) he just noclipped into my base and killed me

So with no proof, no name, or any helpful information… what are you trying to accomplish?

I was streaming last night and I caught someone speed hacking and another no clipping. I made sure to get the time and date of these butt hurt guys hacking, all the info is in the video description.

actually this is a hacker we have been fighting him on a playrust server central sleepers as i speak he has a gang with him him gorgemuffin is one and a few others like quin

They probably have no name. That’s what some of the hackers are doing.

nvidia shadowplay is gonna be godsent in the war against hackers, just be able to pull up the last 30 mins of gameplay anytime, cause its not often im ready to record when i see something and the time it takes me to set up its all over

('s) just super jumped into my house a bunch of times on the east coast server. Totally pisses me off

Obviously the point I was making.

just a little bit more after more farm ^^

Name: Almighty God
Server: UK
Details: no clipp, enter in my house by the wall :frowning: steal everything and kill me, and go away like nothing

THIS man is hacker ! this is he twitch channal
he now in “US Central by PlayRust.EU” server

nice one :slight_smile: guy is streaming live and hacking and server admins can’t ban him, this is so low

They can ban him, but the quandary from the community for the last month + is why none of the keys/accounts of these players “don’t” get banned.

he was banned also from twitch. Problem is that he has another account. who knows how many more

I am sick of hackers. I really hope admins see this thread all the time.

Proof of hackers:

's (it might be 'S)
God (I think he recently changed to “Almighty God”



Our clan (NINJA) has all quit the game due to these hackers, no clipping in and killing us in our sleep/ stealing all our stuff. That’s roughly 25 accounts that have given up playing. We understand why time in development shouldn’t be wasted on developing an anti cheat when the game is still changing rapidly. However the fact that these guy’s don’t even seem to get banned (it’s the same scrubs every day) is why we don’t see the point. If the dev’s don’t give a flying fuck about it and can’t even be bothered having admins to ban people, what is the point.

Question : are we still allowed refunds if we have played for a couple of weeks? I saw in another post garry saying the ones who are rage quitting the game should ask for a refund…

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I take back what I said, the n00b hacking last night (superwog) got banned.

I was under the impression these guys were not being banned. But I have been proven wrong.

Last night one of these no name hackers noclipped in and when I spoke he said on the server that my alias was me. ie he knew my name by voice. There was only 3 people I suspected … one was superwog. I highly doubt he wasn’t hacking as he claims in another thread, since he is now banned for using no name…

GG ADMINS :slight_smile:

:open_mouth: I was following a hacker and recording him for proof as he wouldn’t kill me merely because (yes, I am a girl :slight_smile: ), as my own house got no clipped that day by a no name, and I wanted proof of them doing it. :slight_smile: I’d like to know why you keep telling the world I’m a hacker? Also, I didn’t use voice that night as my mic is and WAS BROKEN. So I’d love to see how any time stamps would match up with me SAYING anything?

I love people spreading misinformed information, which is is EXACTLY why it’s so hard for Garry to bloody BAN people.