The Half-Life 2 RP Experience - Help needed, official thread

Well, I was thinking the other day and did some google research, and I found out that I couldn’t find ANY good public Half-Life 2 roleplay gamemode!
So, I started thinking of some ideas that would be sweet for a hl2 rp, and started discussing it with a dear friend of mine over steam. So, I decided to create this official thread here on facepunch for my new gamemode:
The Half-Life 2 RP Experience.

Okay, so first of: I’m kinda new to lua, so I would need alot of help in the lua areas. Btw, this gamemode will be created from scratch, so we won’t edit any existing rp gamemode (absolutely NOT dark rp).
So, yeah, I’m trying to asemble a team to make this with me. What I currently need is: Experienced lua coders, modellers and people good with textures. Of course, all other help would also be apreciated.

So, this is what I have planned so far:

Civil Protection
Combine Overseers
Rebels [PENDING]
Stalkers *

(PS: Each class should at least start with the gravity gun, phys gun, keys swep and hands swep. More info on those two last ones later.)

*In the game, stalkers are like mindless beings completely controlled by the combine, mostely doing tasks at the citadel. The map I have is called rp_tb_city45_v02n. On this map there’s a main place for all combines called the nexus. I was thinking that stalkers could be inside of the nexus doing tasks and maybe use their lasers to attack intrudors. (I know they don’t really attack you in the game, they just act like you don’t exist… But still.)

The combine should have a ranking system. The higher ranked you are, the more respect (and priviliges) you get. The combine should also have a radio feutere so they can type something like “/r Suspect identified, awaiting orders” in chat and display it as a radio message to all other combines. When talking about a radio feutere, they should also have commands to use to each other in the radio (like 11-99, 10-4 etc).
The cps should also have avaiable speak commands, like saying “Citizen, move along”, so you can actually hear it. Or so they could chuckle. Kinda like in cs where you pick a radio command, and people hear you saying it over the radio… But here everyone around the cp hear it.

Citizens should act like the citizens in half-life 2. Walk around, fear the cps, buy and apartment etc. Their money should come when they get rations (the food the citizens gets in the beginning of hl2… You know, the food in those bags coming out of the machines). With the money they should be able to buy doors, so they can own apartments.

The resistance:
Now, I was thinking of puting the resistance into this gamemode, but I don’t know if it would work out… That would be if they had some headquarters in the other sector (map I’m using got a two sectors with a train going between them). Not quite sure how it would be… If I now put them in, they should only be able to attack combines and try and save citizens during certain events. Their weapons should be very limited, and they shouldn’t be too many since I want the storyline to be before Gordon arrived to city 17… I was thinking some time before 2020, like 216 (the combine took over 2012).

The gamemode should have a nicely designed hud displaying: Health, energy (when you run you loose energy), money and status (status should show if you’re blacklisted, ordinary, respected or admin).

Team working on this gamemode:
Jocken300 (lua coder, owner) – Note that I’m very new to lua, so I will need lots of help with that.
Catboy (co-owner)

So, about the keys and hands… Well, keys is kind of obvious. Used to lock and unlock doors. Hands is for knocking at doors, and punching people.
This is what I was thinking: we create a console command for pulling up a weapon, if you don’t pull it up, it will be by your side while you’re walking. Then we can tell people to bind a key to this console command for easier use. So, if you wanna hit someone with hands, you use this command. If you wanna use a gun, you use the command etc. Like a holster.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and post your suggestions and feedback!

EDIT: I’ve decided to drop all other threads that I’ve posted… I just don’t know how to delete them :S

sounds to me like to want all the things darkrp and gmodrp have? really, instead of making a whole new gamemode for us to ‘enjoy’ you could just remove some classes from Drp?

The gamemode you’re looking for is called TacoScript.

If you can handle its buggyness, and fix it when every new GMod Update comes out.

If not taco, try Cakescript it’s the next best thing. (probably)

As said, it will be nothing like dark rp. Did you even read the whole post? It won’t have anything that dark rp has. It will be a hl2 rp, where you play as hl2 characters… The holster, no guy that sells weapons, radio, sayable radio commands etc. It won’t be like dark rp, trust me.

Yeah, I’ve seen tacoscript. But it’s over used and I was looking for something more original, if you know what I mean?

There’s like 10 servers running TS.
Last time I checked.

I cant script or shit, but if you need a server Admin, im your man lol.

My steam is dastard120 btw.

Nah, I’ve seen plenty.
Thing is, tacoscript is a little hard to configure and modify after your likings… cakescript? Well, I’ve looked into it, and it’s pretty basic… Maybe I should edit cakescript.