The Half Life Parody

I decided to make another comedy, so here is the cousin to The Gmod Parody. This video takes scenes from Half Life 2 (and one from episode 2) and adds a twist to them, similar to what I did with my Gmod Parody series. Enjoy!

Great job, Loved the part where he lays down and touches the sand with his finger :D.

Why can’t all machinima be like this?

I thought it was funny.

Best gmod movie I have ever seen, I loved the hunter part.

Lol’d so hard at the wrestling part xD

Haha, finally something that is actually funny.

1 word



Ahahaha “roflmao”.

Great Vid I to love the “No dont touch the Sand” part.

I couldn’t stop laughing at that part! Great vid though

Finally actually a funny film that has original jokes and ideas.

Well done

Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I loved it, more, I need more.

haha this was funny as hell

Briilliant! So Funny allthough i saw it on youtube first decided to just reply anyways…

I love the part where Barney gives you beer… “Your going down!” BANG

Brilliant, I loved it! I definetly would like to see more videos like this! I love the scene where is teleported into dr. breen’s office “You have your mothers eyes”