The Halls of Kazak-Dan

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Look great homie.

Flaws that I noted myself is that the snow was very hastily edited.
If I can be arsed I’ll fix it later.

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Now! That’s a lot better.

Nice work, i love the scenebuild and editing.


the snow could be less blurry but darn, that place really looks cold

I may have actually overdone the snow a bit.

There’s a perfect amount of it but you should try making it sharper, less blurry. Add some snowfog moving in the direction of the wind at the bottom aswell.

that pillar phong

Wow, that looks awesome, the snow is really really nice, also love the lighting in the towers, though it looks a bit odd in some places

Nice. :dance:

partly due to my laziness for using light instead of lamp on certain spots.

This is not the Borat picture I was expecting.

It is nice though.

Wow, looks like an actual screenshot. Nice work!

Damn Rad, you’ve improved so much over the years, it just gets better and better.

Where did you get Storm Peaks?


Nice. Very nice.

I like this:smile: