The Hammer Tetris Effect Thread!


We all do it once in a while, so post your experiences with the the Hammer Tetris effect in your life.

Some of mine:


I was in band during 11th grade and noticed a girl with a bag that had black and pink checkers. I thought to myself, “Oh, I’ll just download those textures later, I guess.”

“Damn whoever mapped the earth needs to turn the HDR down, its too fucking bright.”

It is always useful to point out certain real-world aspects and wonder how it can be applied to level design or game design in general.

Once when I was walking down a cobbled street at sunset I said “damn, those are some nice bumpmaps”

I am constantly looking at things in the world and thinking how I could map it, how I could code it, how I could draw it for something. Thats just how I am though.

any game ever from now on:

stare at every corner of the levels enviroment

“Dude these fucking polycounts.”

“These displacements are gorgeous.”

this this and this

sometimes it actually becomes frustrating, though.

“This must have taken forever”

Fucking overused citadel textures, improper brush structure, bland skybox…

Wait a minute…

I looked at a picture of the leaning tower of pisa (or however you spell it) and thought “OFF GRID! BAD!”

My darting eyes have got me into trouble before. On reflection, maybe it wasn’t an idea to be seemingly examining a train station in minute detail while waiting for some mates. I ended up being (illegally) questioned under the terrorism act.

Alas, most people in london will have been questioned (illegally) under the terrorism act :frowning:

I am impressed by the specular maps quite often to. I can never get them right…

I always think this is the citadel :v:

“Man this would make a really good bomb site.”

I was thinking about CS:S, the security guard that overheard me was thinking of something else

So you blurt out everything you think?

there are people who have someone else than themselves to talk to :smile:

oh and there are these stairs at my mothers parents house that have screwed up angles, and one time when i was really tired and walked up those stairs i thought to myself “man these has to be invalid…” it was just for a split second, and then i realised how retarded it was. but the thought still crossed my mind.

i was in atlanta, at the CNN center. there are a lot of tickers, lightgrids, etc . i wondered how they got such fluid animation
then i realized this is real life.