The Hand

what is this

A gmod screenshot



You don’t want to have a look at this while having a headache.
I did.

How about you use actual words as arguments for your diasgreements for at least once instead of that fucking rating-a-thon?

No fapping for now on for him.

he still has his left hand :v:

Why his right hand Is very big ??

he is our lord and master and savior and god above all he doesn’t have to explain

hes only a russian peasant

choyrt! capitalist!

Gross as it is… it’s strangely appealing.

Encouraging is only making it worse.

Who bought faraon the tittle? I must know

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Also why is this rated dumb? I think it’s pretty cool.

I think it is c00l. It is a medal of ultimate butthurt-bringer.

You see. he rates everyone elses posts dumb while posting incredibly strange content and rates any response that isn’t praise, dumb.
Look around at the threads for that 1 little teltale box on everyones work

Know you know :smile:

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It’s actually kind of hilarious

That’s actually pretty fucking cool.

Example number #2