The hard part of making a new gamemode...

I really want to get working on a new gamemode. I can script lua and I have to tools for making a gamemode, but I am stuck at this point…
I don’t have the idea for a gamemode. Consider this thread a brainstorm of gamemode ideas.

Please only share ideas that you would not mind being “stolen” and actually made by someone.

In case this kind of thread already exists, sorry.

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One idea I had was an on-rails shooter type thing, you know when you press c in sandbox you can aim your weapon with the mouse cursor? I thought something like that would work well but didn’t know how to set up the movement so I never bothered

Another was a sort of board game mode, something like Mario Party, where you’d roll a dice, go through squares, etc

I’d like to see more stuff done with calc-view, like a side-scroller or top-down. I don’t think we’ve seen any turn-based gmod gamemodes either, which would be nice

There was also a really old gamemode called Meteor Defense, where you had x money and had to build a base in time before meteors and shit from the sky came down to destroy it

Meteor Defense owned BALLS

also is there a Worms type of gamemode yet? with calc-view, sidescroller. that’d own. don’t know about the map though, ground and shit has to be destructible.

What would be a good turn based gamemode for GMod
[sp] You have me interested [/sp]

A Final Fantasy/RPG style turn-based game sounds interesting to me.

I think an Age of Empires type game would be cool too

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Meteor Defense:

Thanks for all the great suggestions! If anyone has any others, please don’t hesitate posting.

Garry-O Party 8?

A board game in gmod would be rather cool

Imagine a first person monopoly in garrysmod.

GMod Chess: Battle

Just your normal chess game… With bigger, life sized pieces. Take control of your army from above. Feeling bold and courageous? Choose to take control of one piece and risk it all in a taking of a piece. Will you be able to defeat the pieces? Or will it end up turning against you, costing your own piece?

(Read in epic trailer guy voice)