The Harpoon Wall Breacher from SWAT?

I watched it a few years ago, but I distinctly remember Colin Farrell’s character inventing a specialized harpoon launcher, which, when fired, will penetrate and deploy through a wall. Once hitched to a heavy vehicle, the launcher (and the embedded harpoon) will tear down the wall, allowing for entry where window and door entries are impossible. Is this possible in Garry’s Mod, and if so, has it been attempted? This would be an awesome SENT for RP.

You can not tear down a regular wall, only possible if it is a prop_* or another moveable object.

Well, In that case, I was thinking an adapted version, not necessarily for a building’s wall, but maybe for doors, so that it rips the door out, or for buildings made using PHX3 plates. Either way, any sort of breaching tools would be nice.
On a side note, I’ve wondered if there were any SENT/SWEPs equipment of this type:
SENT breaching charges,
SWEP nonlethals (beanbags, gas, darts?),
battering rams/door busters,
shields (riot or metal SWAT): I know these were being done at one point
nightsticks, or at least a modern baton
spotlights (on helicopters?)
and, of course, the wall buster (adapted).
None of these are requests, just curiosity.

There are spotlights in SBEP, I don’t know about the rest.