The Haunted Boat Station

I really like this one, I was thinking a Halloween themed picture, but since my crap PC can’t run gm_halloweenforest, I just went to cp_autumntwilight, a TF2 map.

Why the hell did you take Yoshi? A bit strange but okay.
Its cool especially the smoke.

Yoshi is adorable and my favorite, and he’s seen some pretty messed up stuff throughout his games, so a little more wouldn’t hurt…would it?..

Damn… Killer Croc… now there’s a model I want.

It looks like yoshi is in hell. If he’s in the circle of lust, he might get raped.

Not hell, just a haunted…place I guess.

Bumping for joy. Sounds like jumping for joy,amirite?

“Ok gang! lets split up and look for clues!”

The characters just make me think of scooby doo

I like it, I wonder where you got those models from.

Croc,yoshi-beta models
rosie-bioshock model pack
shark-dinosaur pack
fallout 3 mutant-fallout 3 mutant release

just search the releases section

Alright, thanks dude.

nice work XD look how slik the rosie looks