The Haunted: Hells Reach- Minions

If you haven’t played this game, its amazing.

Could someone port all the minions to gmod?

Also could you make them playermodels? :smiley:

I can do a recompile to playermodels, but it helps if they’re scaled right to the HL2 skeleton.

No one interested?

I remember this when this was free :stuck_out_tongue: I was planning on doing the weapons, although the person that was teaching me decided to ignore me. So yea the weapons would have been done, but since that problem I couldn’t finish :\ I was really close to finishing the sawed off shotgun as well. Just had a texture problem…

Well that’s a damn jerk… I’d like to see everything from the game, like the weapons, the hunters, the minions and Abaddon ( the boss ), the explosives and flamable barrels.

If someone gave me the “how to” I’d try porting them. I can’t imagine it being too difficult, as its an Unreal game.

Any help? or anyone willing to port the models?

I really hate to triple post. but could someone at least point me in the right direction?? I’ve searched for answers a lot but can’t find any useful info