The Heavenly Sandvich + Random Pyro pic

Hi everyone! These are just two random pics I originally made to contribute as a TF2 steam group avatars, but then I thought, heck, why not post them here. So, here they are. I hope y’all like them, and don’t hold back your comments and criticism.

Also, I forgot to turn on AA when taking the screenie for the Pyro pic, but after a bit of tweaking, I think it’s not too noticeable. These pictures were intended for a 184x184 size anyway.

The Pyro one is quite nice, but the pose isn’t very interesting or dynamic. Still, loving the colours.

Yeah, the Pyro one is not… “Moving” enough. But at least it’s somewhat comical, and that’s enough for now. :v:

problem is, it looks like the pyro isnt moving at all, but everything around him is.

Oh come on, such few comments? I need torough C&C. :v:

The heavy one made me lol :stuck_out_tongue: