The heavies IQ test and the Engineer's new helmet.

All ingame.

Holy shit. It’s… BEAUTIFUL

nice man, good job with the lighting
although the second picture is a little too dark

I wanted to get a nice dark spot to light up the engies face, but alright. Thanks!

I lol’d at the medic, have a funny.

i lol’d

Thanks :v:



And if Chesty reads this, comedy may be the easiest, but I like comedy. so :smiley:

Comedy is not easy, you just have to execute it properly.

Engie’s hands on 2nd picture doesn’t look like he is evil laughing.


1st picture’s medic’s right hand looks mmm… kinda unrealistic.

You still need to improve your posing.

On whom? I kinda half asses the engineers legs because it’s dark, I think the medic is good besides the arms, and the heavy I actually got his ass to look right.

Just overall, it looks kinda stiff and unrealistic.

Alright, thanks.

Your angles need improving.

Wheres the funny?
Whatever, Juraj and Zeraxify already pointed out the flaws and that medic skin is very ugly.

New skin I wanted to try, and the funny is the heavy.

4:55 PM - zoop thinks its a frog: i want that as a hat ingame
4:55 PM - zoop thinks its a frog: it should replace his shotgun
4:55 PM - zoop thinks its a frog: and make him move forward faster
4:56 PM - Matteo: LMFAO
4:56 PM - Matteo: LFVMAO
4:56 PM - Matteo: SO TRUWE

well, you made us laugh. :slight_smile:

I try, and it would be awesome if instead of the heavy weapon that speeds him up has this for an animation. Thanks for the comment

Simple like hell … but even simple can be quite entertaining. ^^
Marked as “funny”.

Haha , nice work. rated artisitic