The Heavy Brigade (More to Come!)

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** “The Bullet is a wild thing that cannot be controlled. Only the Bayonet knows what to do” --Aleksandr Suvorov **

** March to the Sound of the Drums! **

Just want some CC before I invest more time into this. Feel free to edit

For the motherland!

2nd pic needs more blood. Other than that… ‘The shouts of our mother land will echo out as it gets louder and closer!’

I like the “Empire” pic the most.

looks more like the revolutionary war

this is fucking amazing

I feel sorry for the horse.

cool i was going to do this but you beat me to it :frowning:

i liked the 2nd pic, poor horse.

The * Russian * Revolution!!! :ussr:

The one that’s dead, or the one with the Heavy riding it?

That’s really awesome.

Funny, I was just going in to play E:TW too :3 Now I feel inspired!

-quick snip- relocating onto something seperate