The Heavy's new sport!........


I actually find it kind of funny. Nice job.

Lol @ the DoF.

Posing isn’t actually that bad. The dof makes no sense tho, and get a better map next time.

Thats not dof on the scout its a steam effect, I was trying to simulate motion blur. I dont have photoshop :frowning:

Gimp is a second alternative.

That’s my queue:

Vman you are my HERO!

I am never anybodys hero :emo:

just let me get my violin here…:stuck_out_tongue: jk

“Miss Brent, get me a violin!”

XD that reminds me! spider-man 3 in 5 seconds watch the whole thing-

Yay, you got my reference :neckbeard:

The new scout put all nice and edited!
This is my first ever edited image with gimp.

I cant thank Vman enough for informing me about gimp, you sir…win.
its just little changes like darker shadows and of course MOTION BLUR!

Scouts hat looks a bit… messed up, can’t really explain it.

It looks like it has an outline right? I noticed that too. I should not have used the dodge tool on his hat, but hey its my first gimp test.