the heavy's search for the sandvich

if its too small go to

hope you like it, its my first comic!

the reason why the soldier is smiling like mad and the sniper looks hurt is supposed to be the soldier just hit the sniper in the family jewels. sorry i forgot the pyro. D:

I don’t know where to start…

you get style points for doing wacky faceposes but humor-wise this comic is just about as bad as the other “serious” comics in this forum.

Terrible posing, terrible graphics, terrible layout, terrible writing.

Overall, it’s really really bad. Needs a ton of work.

well, it was better than my first comic

Jesus nitro, if you don’t have any CONSTRUCTIVE criticism then don’t bother taking up screen space and forum memory with garbage like that.

And you are…?

Does it matter you have done exactly the same thing in my thread, sure it may suck, but simple saying it sucks doesn’t help us and makes you look like an idiot. Next time perhaps give a few reasons why it sucks and then no one will have a problem with it.

meeeeh… I don’t know how to break it to you gently…

so i won’t. The posing sucks, the faceposing is decent, although overdone at times, and the comic isn’t all that funny. The only properly funny part of it was the heavy peeking from behind the pic boundaries, but that joke got old for me when my parents noticed it didn’t stop my tantrums anymore as a toddler.

sorry Bob.

@Nitro; The fact that you failed to turn off your troll-detector just makes you stand out as another idiot on the line.

The comic was just fine, I chuckled a bit too. But try to think about placing the pictures and their order. Don’t use those painty-paint arrows too. The comic will be fine after you fix these.

seconding the arrows. very sketchy.

btw, congrats on your name
Out ihtiäs melekosella nimellä mennynnä heittämmään.

Why did someone rate me an actual box? (autobox rated five each at the time of that comment I think)