The Heavy's wife.

I srewed up the muzzle flash royally

FFs I’m using the stock TF2 muzzle flash from now on.

Don’t like the wife? then make a model, there isn’t a model for it so I had to use a picture.

I lol’d Pretty Hard, And I don’t care if it looks bad, its about the joke, and its Teh Epic Win!

Oh god what have you done!

i would laugh if he brought his babushka :v:

Imagine a large old man coming in with like a WWI Minigun, has a beard liver spots… the Heavy’s Father! And I see lip hair on the wife, get the shaving cream!

Where’s medic?

Haha. Amazing.

There was no miniguns in WWI nor WWII.

nope there was they just didn’t use them, they were invented during the civil war, just the were referred to as MAXIM machine guns

You sir are a moron. You are refering to gatling guns which were hand cranked. Maxim guns are water-cooled belt fed machine-guns

oh god she is ugly…D:

Oh this. I’m going to give myself good crits and say pretty good picture man. She could be darker to fit with the lighting.

Oh this is so great. Got a good laugh on a rainy day.

Medic is going to be so pissed


Not as same as minigun. You know, “minigun” is actually just a nickname for the M134 machine gun, and therefore they did not have miniguns in Civil War.

Gatling Gun


WW1 had machine guns.

The minigun is also a gatling gun, it’s called a minigun because gatling guns are usually large and mounted on helicopters or even larger devices on planes and jets. Like A10’s 30mm canon of peace.

What the fuck is wrong with heavies face?