The Helichoppter!!

Wow, I thought when PVE was brought back we would be fighting badly animated zombies that get wedged straight into some rocks, bear style. But no!!

Of course, it is a miracle that the devs have managed to develop the Chopper so far without the input of the geniuses that inhabit these forums; as Garry well knows, it is impossible to design really good game elements without the constant input of 12yr old squeakers.

So, what are your suggestions for how the event should work?

Here are mine…

It’s too OP!
It’s not OP enough!
Bring back legacy!


Chopper should play ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ on loud speaker. Of course. I assume this is already in or WTF.

Chopper shouldn’t be able to see players through tree cover.

Chopper should lose interest in a target if it has no line of sight for a certain amount of time.

Night Chopper! Chopper comes with a spotlight which sweeps the ground, when it finds a target it then locks on. Nothing would make me cack my pants more than seeing a spotlight sweep towards me before guns start blazing.

Running into the vicinity of player built structures should convince the chopper that you have gone inside the buildings… allowing you to cause an attack on another players base!

Night chopper shouldn’t have a spot light imo. Unless we are talking about some sort of search and rescue mission. I feel like the chopper, having forward infrared, should do a pass and shoot at armed people. If you just have an axe they should deem you as a nice person that just wants to raise a family. If they target you hostile, your only safety is your home!

From the looks of the second video, not even our homes will be safe.

They should make it that you can shoot down the chopper it drops really good loot

similar to airdrop flares is what im thinking. thro down near someones base and an attck run happens

According to other posts, it will give high tier stuff if it’s brought down.

Hey helicopter! Meet my hand made laser guided rocket!

We need some mothafuckin Half Life 2 rocket launchers to bring down this chopper.

Well, if not add heat seeking missiles.

The helicopter needs to be an asset for transportation more so than killing random nakeds walking around. I honestly believe KoS is a MAJOR turn off for most new players. And the helicopter, if implemented, should not make that scenario worse. At least when I die now someone gets my loot. If i die from a helicopter they were just being jerks.

It’s not an asset for anything, and it won’t go around killing nakeds.

I’m pretty sure, as it stands right now, the heli is not intended to be a player vehicle, but a roving threat.

shock troops to go along with the chopper and this game gets real interesting

It will just get shot down

That’s the point.

in fact it’s a loot point for high tier gear, so it will not only be targeted but possibly even actively baited.

I think a helicopter its the last “NPC” the game needs…

And I like the Idea (as well I dont find it bad to be a drivable vehicle if it is balanced)

But common! The game needs a good work on NPCs and PvE… and even if the game its not really based to be played as PvE, it should have much more of it…

Just for reference about the helicopter

This is from Rustified

OMG. ITS NOT EVEN IN GAME JET and already you bitch about it. You poor baby. Please shut it!

Anyone know anything else about the chopper?

Build Cost, weaponry, health, other vehicles?