The Hell Asshole of Doom

After fooling around with Mudbox, I thought I’d put it into GMod. Please don’t make me describe what it is, because frankly I have no idea myself. If you want it to be an effect, delete the .PHY file in the models folder.

*Me not included.

This is for sure a very deep asshole.
Anyone like shit peenurs?

Great work Dean.

I think?


bloody crater?

Lovely. :butt:

No it’s a hell anus of doom.

Om nom nom.

Port more gta cars : (

Dayum son, dat ass.

Satan’s Ass. That’s right, Satan’s Ass.

Doesn’t satan have 2?

Pretty random,look’s like a piece of poison headcrab rigged up into an stupidly big size,
with details,no tooth and white shit.
Seriously,it haves like that poisony texture.

seriously you are a idiot.

(User was banned for this post ("flaming" - Jaanus))

Time to make mega goatse screenshots :chef:

Nope, that’s the three mouths he had in Dante’s Inferno you’re thinking of. Though with three mouths you can imagine three assholes.

What relationship doesn’t have that?

A relationship with one mouth and one asshole.

A relationship with oneself…?

Imaginary girlfriend.

should a made it more wrinkly and tight. O:

Unless a giant cock/dildo to stretch that ass is the next thing on your list.

Port more GTA stuff!!

I lol’d