The hell that is 3d2d

I want this to rotate when the player moves around it but it also moves to the side making it at like a 45 degree angle instead of being horizontal the entire time. This stuff is unbelievably frustrating and there are no tutorials to work with. I tried the code from the gmod wiki but that didnt do anything at all.

function ENT:Draw()

	local Pos = (
	self:GetPos() + 
	self:GetForward() +
    self:GetUp() * 25.0 + 
    local Ang = Angle( 0, 270, 90 ) + LocalPlayer():EyeAngles()
    Ang:RotateAroundAxis( Ang:Forward(), 0 )
	Ang:RotateAroundAxis( Ang:Right(), 0 )
	cam.Start3D2D( Pos, Ang, 0.2 )
		draw.DrawText( "Bear Trap", "Trebuchet24", 0, -50, Color( 255, 0, 0, 255 ),TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER )
		draw.RoundedBox(2, -100, -75, 200, 100, Color(10,10,10,150))

Is there a decent tutorial anywhere or could soneone make one?

do you know what 3d2d is? its 2d shit placed in a 3d environment. you can use ANY of the surface, draw or vgui libraries to render things in 3d space.

what you want is not 3d2d so remove it. standard 2d should do fine.