''The hell's the smell?!'' Scout's wondering...


good work on posing, you should add some blur tho.

Spy looses his cloack due to farting.

Yes…he does loose his cloak.

Looks like the scouts ass needs to be tucked in a bit more.

No? It looks relaxed :confused:

Are you being sarcastic?

If so you did a bad job of it, if not you are incorrect.



I can explain it. It smells so bad that even he, the one who farted is gonna barf soon. (Or maybe he’s just retarded…)

Heavy seems to be carrying that minigun like it has no weight. I really like this picture, though - with a few tweaks it could almost be an official-style menu background, imo.

Thank you.

Your spelling is giving me an aneurysm.

smells like soiled baby diaper

the heavy’s all :downs:

Yes…he is…yes…