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Thanks to [Spacewolf]( for the majority of this FAQ

Some of my textures appear as a checkerboard of purple and black.

The checkerboard thing happens when a texture is missing. This can mean you either don’t own the game that the texture comes from, or it isn’t mounted to Garry’s Mod. You can mount or unmount games in the main menu.

Sometimes there are big red ERRORs when I’m playing.

That means you’re missing a model. Most of the time it’s something from the popular PHX model pack, which you can download via SVN. To do this, you need to download a program called Tortoise SVN. After that’s installed, create a folder on your desktop called something like “PHX” and right click on it, and choose “SVN checkout”. In the box that comes up, copy / paste this into the URL Repository.

Then click okay. It is a very large file. After it has finished downloading, drag the folder into your addons folder.

For more information about using SVN, click here.

How do I take screenshots?

You can use the camera weapon by pressing 6 in-game, or you can hit f5 (default). This will put a screenshot in your garrysmod folder in the SCREENSHOTS folder.

How do I remove my HUD?

Type “cl_drawhud 0” in the console. Type “cl_drawhud 1” to get it back. This is useful for screenshots, but the camera tool removes your HUD as well.

How do I install mods or addons?

First, you need to know where the Gmod folder is. This is where you put any addons you download. It can be found here: C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\steamapps<yoursteamname>\ga rrysmod\garrysmod

Look inside the file you downloaded. If it has a file called info.txt, then extract it to the addons folder. If there isn’t an info.txt, then you should drag everything from the mod’s folder directly into C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\steamapps<yoursteamname>\ga rrysmod\garrysmod

How do I install maps?

Installing maps is very straight forward. Simply download a map, then drag the map files into your maps folder in the garrysmod/garrysmod directory.

How do I re-install Garry’s Mod?

If you need to re-install Garry’s Mod, right click on it in the Steam games window and click “Delete local content”. After that, just double click on it and it will reinstall.

How do I clean Garry’s Mod of unwanted addons?

A lot of problems come from mods or addons. To start over with Gmod, just delete or rename your garrysmod folder in your steam apps folder, and start up Gmod. This will create a fresh new Gmod folder.

I’m having problems with a non-Steam version of Garry’s Mod.

If you have a non-Steam version, that means you pirated the game. Pirated versions are a lot less stable and will never receive technical support. Just buy the game, it’s only ten dollars, and it’s a whole lot easier.

My vehicles are in third person!

Just press your crouch key to switch between first and third person in a vehicle.

I can’t join my friend’s LAN game/I can’t see servers I’ve made with Create Server.

This requires you to forward some ports on your router. There’s tutorials on how to do this all over the internet, and also

Sometimes I get a Blue Screen of Death when playing. What’s wrong with Garry’s Mod?

The problem is with your drivers, not Gmod. Make sure all your drivers are up to date.

What does SWep, STool, SNPC, etc stand for?

The S means scripted. So SWep is Scripted Weapon, STool is Scripted Tool, and so on.

I think I’ve got a Lua virus!

Just clean your GMod.

Help! My Gmod runs very slow!

What you need to do is lower your DirectX Level in Steam. In steam, right click a game and select Properties. Click set launch options and type -dxlevel 80. If that does not work, update your drivers and try again.

It says Garry’s Mod is unavailable.

Right click on the Steam icon in the taskbar and click “Exit”. Restart Steam and it will work.

I think someone hacked my account! It says someone is logged in a different location.

Go to C:\Program Files\Steam\ and delete the file called “ClientRegistry.blob”.

I’ve got a question that wasn’t answered here.

You can PM Spacewolf and he’ll try to help as best he can, or you can create a thread in the Help & Support section of Garry’s Mod Discussion.

I click to play Garry’s Mod in Steam, the box that says “Preparing to launch Garry’s Mod…” shows up for a few seconds, then disappears, followed by a white window that flashes for half a second, then disappears as well. GMod fails to launch.

Right click on Garry’s Mod in Steam, and select “Properties”. Click on “Set launch options”, and in the box that pops up, type “-fullscreen”. Garry’s Mod should now operate normally.

[DatMeg]( has also contributed a considerable amount to this FAQ.

How do I host a Dedicated Server?

There is a nice entry in the wiki to help you with this:

Garry’s Mod keeps crashing on my computer, even though it says I have the minimal system requirements

These System Requirements are far, far to low for you to actually play Garry’s Mod.
These are more realistic requirements.

What is SVN? And how can I use it to get SpaceBuild or WireMod?
Divran was nice enough to write up a guide to SVN using TortiseSVN and included the links to several of the SVNs.

Why can’t I do X in Garry’s Mod 9?
You need to stop right there and take note that Garry’s Mod 9 is no longer supported by Garry, or the Help & Support Section. I would suggest you go buy Garry’s Mod for $10.

I’m hosting a server and I’m looking for a good Admin Mod.
I personally would suggest Evolve or Exsto over ULX or ASSMod. My reason being that they are up to date and more secure than ULX or ASSMod.

I get an Error like:

The instruction at "0x13e35bd" referenced memory at "0x0d43b018". The memory could not be "read"

This error most often appears when you do not have enough Physical Memory(RAM) and/or Virutal Memory (Paging File)
You can sometimes fix this error by turning down your graphics settings. If they are already as low as they can go try adding

 -dxlevel 81 

to the Start Up Options.
(Right-Click Garry’s Mod in Steam then Properties and there is a “Start Up Options” button)

My textures are all splotchy or black
This has become a common problem, but is easy to fix. Add -dxlevel 81 to the Start Up Options. That generally fixes the problem.

My Toolgun isn’t working anymore, The Spawn Menu is messed up, Garry’s Mod worked yesterday but now it doesn’t
Rename your garrysmod folder (Steam/steamapps//garrysmod) to garrysmodold, or something like that. Then start up Garry’s Mod and see if that solves the problem.

My Save Games don’t work anymore
Saves have always been a bit of a problem. I would advise using Advanced Duplicator instead.

Where do I get Phoenix-Storms Model Pack (PHX3)?
It now comes packed with Garry’s Mod, if you have it installed still feel free to delete it.

My game crashes when I kill an enemy or fire off a rocket or blow up a barrel (etc.)
This is a common problem with Intel Integrated Graphics Cards. Sometimes this can be fixed by adding the following to the Start Up Options.

 -dxlevel 81

If you have anything to add to this FAQ, please do PM me right away!

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why does my Gmod has trojan horse virus?

Because you don’t have a decent antivirus.

Possibly because of an untrusty download site or the fact that you might be pirating gmod.

so u mean… i’ve waited my download for days just to download a f**king virus?

Thats why you download it from Steam.

bulls**t :frowning:

You are free to swear on the internet.

i got another question: how do i get rid of the virus permenantly?
and also: how do i play, even with the virus without taking a risk?

Run a virus check and delete all viruses found.

You pirated it and expect help?


Maybe he downloaded Gmod 1-9?

It doesn’t have viruses AFAIK.

Gmod 1-9?


when i open the launcher, it says; Accessed file is infected
File name: C:\Documents and settings\Dhita3\Local Settings emp\36E.tmp\b2e.dll
Threat name: Trojan horse BackDoor. smallX. VX
Detected on open

           optons:     Heal                 Move 2 Vault                 Ignore 

(User was permabanned for this post ("Warez" - Uberslug))

Not possible that you got that by downloading GMod from Steam.
You either pirated it (And got what you deserved) or it’s not GMod doing that.

i want 2 download from Gmod, but i dont have a credit card.
how M I supposed to pay?


from steam

You use a Debit Card :wink:

sorry, no debit card, credit cards, paypal, etc
im doo med

Get someone who gives a fuck about you to gift it to you over Steam

im fucking friendless. i was going to add someone named VistaXD in youtube, but i dunno his e-mail address


besides: who wants to give a $10.00 game to a noob?