The "Help, Noob, I Don't Wanna Make A Thread for This" Thread

This is for new people who don’t want to get flamed for their “sub-par” work, or for those who need help or CC or anything else like that. People who don’t want to take up forum space for their superfluous finished work. I myself made this thread for those above. I hope that the seasoned builders will at least contribute in the ways I hope you can make out, for I, myself am not that good at building.

I, though not good at building, am competent in the realms of wire, through gates but not E2.
I will add names here for those I know will help.

This can also be the starting point of collabs and such.

Do: Try to help. I know that it may get annoying at times but these have no place to go.

Do NOT: Flame/Troll etc. I will report that. As I said before, these people have no place to go.
Get upset about CC. If it’s flaming/trolling report it and most likely I will too.

Try to: Make something we CAN help with. If you just make a stick or a box, etc. I will say “Try again”
Use proper grammar and spelling, just make it readable.

Have fun.

This is a good idea. It encourages newer players to participate in the “elitist” section of Contraptions.

Thanks, to honest, I was scared to think what you people would think of this thread.

I agree, none of us started being awesome players and a lot of us posted ealy on here.

This give you d00ds a good place to post

agreed. Good idea, this thread, long overdue. Should be like a subsection of the forum maybe…or something that you don’t get kicked for humping. I can think of many posts that would have done much better in this section (the spiral base comes to mind). Not everybody is uberlEEt g00n haxx0r1337 applyForce genie (pokes a finger at all the people who make cooler shit than me which I hate you for, or people who make something whose entire phsyics are determined by a chip which is kinda fucked up) but some stuff is still cool even without.
If i get some pics up I might post in here my “death glider thing”

Good idea !

So, I having problems with the wire expression 2. Every time I spawn a dupe that has an expression 2 chip it says gmod failed to load the chip (or something like that)
And when I want to create one I can’t.
I have the latest wire svn, so I don’t know what is the problem. Maybe I need to download something else to get that work ?

Gmod went through an update so…dups might be a little screwed up. If your cautious, you might want to save your E2 files outside of the gmod folder just in case they break, especially the good ones.

Check, if it says “failed to load extensions” then there is a pretty easy fix

-snippety snip snip snip-

To the problem with the expression 2 “failed to load extensions”, here is the fix. I had to do it recently for our servers.

Hey, just added some rules. You’ve all been doing well, just common sense so that the younger members don’t get too ornery. For Bigiri’s problem, I just re-installed wire. Might work, might not. I, myself have a problem though: When working with EP’s curves, I noticed that the increments soon get too small to do by hand. Is there any way, tool, etc. that would just angle the prop a specific number of degrees? I’ll release a tut on the curves when I can.

okie dokie y’all, tell me what you think.
It’s about 40 props. It’s an “armored engineering vehicle” based off of a popular “modded” design by Marvin Heemeyer. In insanely bad taste, yes, and it looks like crap, like hte original (two fails make a win?), but it’s more for the lulz than anything serious. Just to scare noobies or be a dick.

armor is thick heavy plate, weighs around 20 tons. Whole thing is parented except wheels, with wire-parenting, and is tested as 100% impervious to conventional gunfire, asplosives, and most gcombat weapons. The frontal armor alone is around 6 tons.

agreed. a good idea
lol my friend was just browsing web sites and bumped into this thread…weird.

Now parent on a shitload of low-weight detail props to make it look more than a box with wheels. It’s pretty cool but it could use alot of detail .

duly noted, already planned and intended. Having trouble finding photographic references though; can’t find many clear pictures to work off of. I usually make stuff that’s just outta my head, this is my first attempt at making something real, and its intended porpoise is really just for lulz and to try to make something different. I figured it was better than my “R Budd Dwyer Gun SWEP” or my “Shawn Nelson Tank”. :slight_smile:

Least it’s not a cargo container with carousel wheels? right?

It’s solid enough, but like KP3 said, some detail would be nice.

Give it a smokestack that spews smoke and fire using a thruster.

Just putting some different colored smaller plates on the side would give the illusion of it being heavily armored rather than a box. Put on some vents, exhausts etc etc.

With differently textured plates and perhaps a little less blocky it’s rather good. Like Kp3 said though, it could go more in the way of decoration.

As for my problem, I just decided to use stacker. It’s faster and smoother.

Let me tell you a little about the dozer this is based off of. A guy went crazy out in Colorado, took a construction dozer, and loaded in steel-reinforced concrete armor plating on top of it. He modified the engine to be able to lug the weight, made special vents, and had a few gunports, all with high-powered sniper rifles on them. He lowered it down on top of himself, sealing himself in. It really does look pretty close; a dozer with a boxy grey mass on top of it.