The Hero Gamers Roleplay 24/7 PHX - WIRE

[release]The Hero Gamers Roleplay 24/7 PHX - WIRE
Darkrp edit made by neon genesis,
great admins , no lagg,visit the following forum[/release]

[release]Pictures: custom shipments


Good advertisement.


Scratch that, awesome advertisement.

PS: How about you tell us about the server?

Pink and black textures on a OP posted screenshot, yeah…

Are you here to save us from every other dark rp server? :smug:

Afroman to the rescue!

Joking aside, this thread really needs more information & better screenshots.

Tell us more about the community/crew.

Oh yea, server dosent exist?

And yea this is pretty funny, checkerboard textures in a server ad.

Why dont you tell us what seperates your server from the dozens of others?

WOOHOO!!! Money printers…
WOOHOO!!! It’s DarkRP…