The "Hey, Watch Me Map" Thread.

I don’t want to see a hundred threads going around saying “Hey, Watch Me Map”, just because 2 people started it. So I made a thread so everyone can post their links and people will watch them.

Anyway, if you want to let people see you map, create a channel on LiveStream and just let everyone watch. Post the link here. (That is obviously what the thread is for) And post when you are online and offline, just to tell people.

List of links:[ul]

[li]Lord Hayden’s Stream[/li][li]farmatyrs’s Stream[/li][li]Shadow801’s Stream[/li][li]fightnight22’s Stream - Moved On/No Longer Mapping for Source[/li][li]icemaz’s Stream[/li][li]SnakeFace’s Stream[/li][li]Lamarr’s Stream[/li][li]Hazrd24’s Stream[/li][li]HoliestCow’s Stream[/li][li]omega322’s Stream[/li][li]Pelf’s Stream[/li][li]IRN Zombie’s Stream[/li][li]altofproudfoot’s Stream[/li][li]Agent Cobra’s Stream[/li][li]Octo pie’s Stream[/li][li]AverageIdiot’s Stream[/li][li]Cbast’s Stream[/li][li]bull04’s Stream[/li][li]Zally13’s Stream[/li][li]pickleofdoom’s Stream[/li][li][CWG]RustySpannerz’s Stream[/li][*]Yadda’s Stream[/ul]

I’d suggest making a list of everyone who have posted here (with links to their LiveStream) to the op.

Ok, I will make a list as people post their links. I will also add the 2 other links in the other threads.



Thanks :slight_smile:

No probelm. Added a capital to your name now too. :smile:

I knew somebody would do this!

My stream





Everyone joins and then leaves

I will join and not leave, just for you…

I am not doing anything interesting at the moment, just a little map.

if you re watching me, refer to this to wonder what I am working on

Hey guys, what’s up?


Not much mate.

God damn live stream, I swear it just hates my computer. Hopefully my stream should be up and working now without any problems.

Does it keep getting into an infinite loop?

Nah, it just keeps crashing and going slow, and at one point made me BSOD. But I think it’s all fixed up now.

I cant see the point of this.

Everyone is always off-god-damn-line! :argh:

Damn it no one is streaming. That streaming site should make some kind of monitor to check if their streaming or not, just like a server monitor.

Here’s one: