The Hitman: Sniper Challenge Agent 47

Would anyone be kind enough to rip him from the sniper challenge, or some other way of getting him, in a T-Pose? I know someone who can get him ported, and i dont want to ask any of you to do so, since i know its unlikely to be done, but if anyone could get the model (textures and normals included, of course) and possibly the sniper rifle he uses, that’d be swell.

If you do it, remember: All you need to do is get the model, textures, and normals, and the sniper rifle if you wish (models, textures, etc.) and just give it to me, make sure 47 is in a T-Pose, i can have my bud do the rest from there.

Absolution isn’t even out yet.

The Sniper Challenge, you get it immediately after pre-ordering absolution.

The Sniper Challenge doesn’t come to PC until August 1st.

Well fuck.

Well, its august 2nd, so i guess its out now :v:

yeah gettin 47 would be cool… anyone had any luck with ripping him?