The Hive - Aliens vs Marines (The right way!)

Originally started by Raught19, who later quit working on it due to other things taking priority in his life. He transferred responsibility for the gamemode over to me, which I gladly took up. I ended up rebuilding everything he had done (code-wise) from the ground up, but I’m trying very hard to maintain all his original ideas. With that said, let’s get on with it:

If you have ever watched the movies “Alien” or “Aliens,” then you know exactly what this gamemode is.

Put simply, a group of marines are stranded on a previously uncharted planet (or whatever the map maker decides), thought to be uninhabited. Unbeknownst to them, however, this planet is far from it - and its native species, the Xenomorph, are anything but friendly.

The goal of the marines is to simply stay alive and get together the objects they need to fire up their shuttle and escape, before power is permanently lost.

The goal of the Xenomorph is to prevent that from happening.

How to Play
At the beginning of the round, all players are human marines. Marines start with only a flashlight (with limited, recharging batteries) and a pistol with minimal ammunition. Unlike standard HL2/Garry’s Mod, the flashlight isn’t something you can have on with any weapon out - you have to physically have your flashlight out and turned on. This means you can’t have a flashlight and a gun out at the same time.

The primary objectives for the humans are simple: there are four objects scattered throughout the map vital to your escape–Ammunition for the shuttle’s weapons, an oxygen canister, medical supplies, and a power core. Only one of these objects exist on the map at any one time. All the marines have to do is find them and carry them back to the shuttle within the time allotted. Pretty simple.

Unfortunately, the Xenomorph only complicate things. By default, the shuttle only has ten minutes before it suffers an irrecoverable total power failure. Depending on the map, skill and luck of the marines, and the prowess and ability of the Xenomorphs, it’s very likely that it is impossible to retrieve all the parts required to escape. That’s where there is also a secondary objective of retrieving alien samples–also scattered around the map randomly–and returning them to the ship, increasing the time humans have to prepare the shuttle.

In regards to weapons, apart from the flashlight and pistol that every marine starts with, the only way to obtain weapons is to search for them. There is only a set number of weapons on the map at any one time - and they don’t stay. This has the potential to create imbalances, and at the same time encourage cooperation and coordination on the humans’ side. While this could possibly be considered a bad thing, ultimately, cooperation is the marines’ best hope of survival - the Xenomorphs are the ideal hunters of lone wolves.

The aliens don’t enter the scene until the round begins, where a random human is selected to be infected by a pathogen. As it turns out, this pathogen develops into a chestburster egg - and the human it is growing inside shows no signs at all that he is inflicted until it is too late.

After the egg matures, it bursts out of the unwitting victim in a violent gush of gore, as the player that was selected becomes the first alien. Starting as a chestburster, if the first Alien player is lucky enough, he may be able to find himself a place to spin his cocoon and evolve into a full-fledged Xenomorph - a true terror for the humans to face, especially so early on in the game.

Whenever an Alien player is killed, they respawn as a simple facehugger. To evolve past this point, they must use their jump attacks to either kill the humans, or lay an egg within a victim. A facehugger can only lay one egg, but in the time between its maturation and its hatching, nothing stops the facehugger from inflicting further attacks - while their bites may not do much damage alone, a group of persistent facehuggers can quickly take down a lone wolf or a small group of inexperienced marines.

If the facehugger is able to successfully lay an egg, and his victim stays alive long enough for the egg to mature, then once the facehugger dies, he bursts forth from his human victim’s chest in a spray of gore as a chestburster, where he can spin his cocoon and evolve into the true face of terror.

In contrast to the humans’ objectives, the Aliens’ objectives are simple - prevent the humans from escaping.

Progress Log
This log will be updated on a regular basis as I complete or begin work on different elements of the game. This will be a means of everyone to exactly how progress is going, as well as for me to project test dates, as well as the final release date.

[ul][li]4/22/10 - Thread was made[/ul][/li]
As well as updating the progress log, I intend to keep this thread updated semi-regularly with new media - both videos and screencaps. Keep in mind that anything you see within this media is not necessarily set in stone. Anything is subject to change - and any changes will be noted in the progress log.

[ul][li]4/22/10[/li] - Facehugger & Chestburst Effect (video, 30 seconds)

An example of the human fonts and primary objective
The facehugger is blinded by light, but reigns supreme in areas of poor lighting - objectives also explain to the player what they should do

User input
While I am doing all the programming work, I would like to think of this as a community project - I can’t do everything, and this is going to need a lot more than just me to get this project working to its full potential. Any ideas or content (models, maps, textures, animations, etc) that you guys propose will be considered, and if I think that it’s worthy to consider adding (or I do add it), then it’ll be placed here, with credits accorded properly.

In addition to content and ideas suggestions, any comments and criticism is always welcome, and may be thrown into this section as well.

[ul][li]spaza511 - Finding and linking a download link to the Pulse Rifle model.[/ul][/li]All of that being said, share your comments, questions, and criticisms - and be sure to enjoy the videos! :buddy:

Glad to see this gamemode is up and running again! I’m really liking what’s been done so far (though I’m still unsure of the HUD). Can’t wait for you to finish this. I love you. :buddy:

Looks, cheesy. Hope t looks alot better in the future.

Then make suggestions to make it look less cheesy. I have no creative imagination when it comes to HUD - tell me how to put together and I can do it, but leave it to myself and it stays very utilitarian and functionary.

Unless of course you don’t mean just the HUD. Like I said, make suggestions then. :c00l:

Maybe I could help? I can code and am a big Alien fan.

Great! Sounds good Gmod4ever!

The model your using tho for the chestburster in the video is backwards, the other chestburster model that is in the model pack is facing the right way. :slight_smile:

There’s another chestburster in the pack? I spent like five minutes looking for one… I spent a few hours the other day trying to fix and animate the one I’m currently using, to no avail.

I’ll go look for the other one again… :effort:


Oh wow, is it, by chance, “models/chest.mdl”? :v:

How the fuck did I miss that…

yeah haha XD the reason theres 2 models is because one I used for players (forward one) and the other (backwards one) for my npc cuz he moved backwards to flee away from enemies. thats why there both in the pack XD

Oh okay. I understand now. :v:


I need some ideas for both the Chestburster spinning into his egg to hatch as a Xenomorph, as well as his actually hatching from the egg. If anyone has any ideas, suggest them - I just may use your idea and put you in the credits. :buddy:

Looks good, but you are gonna change the sounds, right?

Looks really well done.
Lookin’ forward to trying it.

At the moment everything but the models and the icon are placeholder.

I’m going to need some proper Alien sounds. :v:

If your still looking for Human SWEPS:

Oh sweet. Thanks mate! :buddy:

The sounds in the realistic alien folder are the ones I ripped from AVP3 :3

I posted in the old thread, even tough I never watched the movies.
This gamemode managed to get my interest.
I’ll check the thread often to check for new updates and see when a beta comes out.

Kick ass


After playing the original AVP Classic, i found AVP3 to be distinctly less awesome :frowning:
but after seeing this thread, my hopes are re-established :smiley: it’s like AVP2’s life cycle mode all over again

Oh shit. I feel like a terrible person.

Between my research paper, InfiniDungeon, and constant LAN parties of FarCry 2, I completely forgot about this project.

I’ll try really hard to finish it after InfiniDungeon is released - I’ll probably work on it while working on my InfiniDungeon-based gamemode.

Sorry everyone. :gonk: