The Hobo - Cross The Line Productions

A Cross The Line Productions :slight_smile: We’re a map making and video making team.

Please enjoy the video, I know there is some rugged movements at times, I’m no professional. Just thought you guys would enjoy it.

Please enjoy the following video “The Hobo” and please watch in 480p. It’s terrible under that.

Please comment on here or on the Youtube page. Thanks

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Wasnt awful. But 13 minutes is just to much of my time for a rather mediocre film. Should have split it into different parts.

Also, the audio quality is butchered. Why is that?

Yeah I’m the same way. Well if I split it in 2 parts, it’s still 13 minutes… just… with inconvenience. My mic isn’t the best… not sure about the rest. I thought it was fine. Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

“Please watch in 480p”

Oh my

Yeah. And the black bars. This video was being weirdly recorded… for a long time… like… I can’t even explain it.