The Homefront characters

Connor, Rianna, Hopper and Boone. The Koreans and the Survivalists. As well as the nameless resistance members.
Weapons are secondary as there are only like 15.

Yeah, why don’t you just write a list while you’re at it.

It only came out a few days ago damnit.
No ones gonna port it straight away.

Doesn’t it run on UE3? Should be pretty easy then.

Looking forvard to see some vehicles from there… just saying.

I agree with this, it would be nice if someone ported the U.S Marines from it as well.

I don’t think it does, but if it uses the UE3 engine, I can start extracting the meshes.

It does

Unreal Model viewer site says its supported

I second this, but not just characters/Korean NPC’s, but how about some weapons? I liked them, and some attachments aswell for the guns?

[sarcasm]CoD fans and their lust for attachments…[/sarcasm]
Just kidding, it would be cool to see them

how dare you i know your just being sarcastic but
i hate the COD franchise, MOH came before it and was the first ever WW2 franchise
then COD derailed