The Honest Merchant

I thought I would tell all of you a story… It’s a story about some recent events, and things I’ve done in Dark RP servers. First off, I’m going to give a small disclaimer…

**DISCLAIMER: This story does involve a shit-ton of rule breaking on the stated servers. It also tells the story of underground wars being waged between different communities… Be advised I’m usually payed in Roleplay money/server trusted for doing some of this shit.

Dark RP… The Legacy of Honest Merchants.

After Falco of made FPP shit went down hill for Dark RP… I should know, I’m apart of the reason. You see… If their is a buyer then there will be a distributor. Be that product legal or not is totally up to the buyer, and rules of the server. When I first started doing the ‘business’ I was actually trying to make my way in Dark RP servers reeked with RDM, Mingebags, Warring Communities… The story never changes though cause in the end, the buyer will always get what he or she wants.

I guess the first areas are started in though was actually Gun Dealer. Was a profitable business in these very corrupt servers… Players needed guns to guard themselves. I provided. Simply said, and simply done. That all changed though. It happened back in March if I remember correctly… Somewhat like a creed, but more soaked in creativity. The first time, I got robbed. I had recently started a shop out in the streets selling standard issued hand guns… To act more roleplay like I would actually keep money in a wooden vault. That probably was my downfall. A new player joined the server… Never heard or seen him before. He asked for a handgun. I said, “What kind?” he says he wants a desert eagle for free. I laughed at him, and said, “Kid you fucking crazy?” he told me, “You’ll wish you never said that.” Two hours later he came back with a small gang he started… He asked me again, “Free Desert Eagle…” I told him, “Very funny.” He walked away again… Then bam. My whole shop went into thin air… All my earnings were flying, and the gang who asked for free desert eagles began taking my money. I guess I could say I was pissed, but I was more on the line confused. I checked the logs, and found out I was killed by a wire explosive! I was stunned. For five months I was set to believe that all damageable wire components were blocked by FPP, but here I was… Getting blown up by a wire explosive. When I asked around about who this person was it turned out he was a black arms dealer in Dark RP servers. Apparently normal people knew not to fuck with him cause his black arms worked in other servers as well…

This… This turned everything upside down for me. This player… Who I never heard of or remember his name was running a blackmarket in Dark RP servers, and selling wire explosive, wire turrets, and blacklisted props to players for roleplay money. All though I was fearful about how much these players controlled I had an urge to stop them. I couldn’t start in American servers though… Too many black market agents… To many eyes, and ears. I took whatever pride I had left to and Australian server called Chupathingy.

On arrival to Chupathingy I got acquainted with server staff, and the owner Stabby. Too my relief… I found this server had no ties with American Dark RP servers which were runned by the blackmarket. I immediatly settled down for two months, and managed to get trusted (ability to use e2 ,and adv_duplicator) in hopes of stopping the blackmarket from causing harm to this server I began work on weapons which could protect it from rdm’ers… My first creation? A remake of an old favorite…
The WOTS Admin Cannon. I originally showed it to Stabby in hopes of giving it to the admin staff as a protection measure. He swiftly rejected it saying it was abuse of trusted. From this I decided to take measures into my own hands. I developed more on the cannon…I made it better, made different shots for it. Secretly… I began selling it to the admin staff for $4000 a dupe. After about two weeks I dropped the cannon project after making it efficient for what it was meant for… I left a mark. Now everyone in Chupathingy knows how to make a cannon. Then I decided to work on a new project… ZX-1 aka. “Blocket”. A rocket specially developed for penetrating defenses, and causing damage to player inside of the buildings… I sorta lost it after that though. I began using it for minge purposes for about a month. I eventually stopped, and roleplayed like a normal Dark RP’er for some weeks… Then recently I decided to do other “business” for groups I consider minges. One Dark RP group which I will not name asked me to go by the name of “HL2Land Advisor” or “TnB Advisor” and go around making false arguments, and begin crashing small undeveloped Dark RP servers. This in turn sparked much controversy to what my real aim was… But… At the same time it keeps rolling roleplay green into Chupathingy for me. I did this for said group for about two days… My reward? Knowledge, and $35,000 on Chupathingy. What kind of knowledge you may be asking… The knowledge that I needed to find, to best the man who had destroyed my shop those many months ago. So what did I find out? He quit the black market. That’s right… Motherfucker quit Garry’s Mod. His blackmarket fell with him.
After learning this I returned to Chupathingy, and began making small Vietcong tripwire traps… I originally used these traps in a minge form to test them, but eventually it became clear their use could be so much more… Then… I stopped. Don’t ask why. I stopped though. I quit using it for two days, and then last night I was asked by some players, “Hey can I buy that tripwire?” I sold it to him for $5,000. Then I was asked by the police force to make a claymore which they would reward me with $25,000. I made that… I then began selling units, and doing custom orders, and managed somehow in 1 hour to make $60,000. Then… Two of Chupathingy’s admins came on, and began busting skulls. How did I solve this? Bribed with money, and E2 chips. It worked… Then I did business by getting the police force to be my guards. Bribed them so they wouldn’t attack my clients or friends… I did this for all the time I was left on the server…

Then… I sat down, and questioned myself… I became the exact thing I was trying to beat… I took a server which has 0% of black market influence, and gave 10% of the servers pop trip mines. I have to ask myself… Did I become an honest roleplay merchant or black arms dealer… Or more importantly… How the fuck is Stabby going to clean everyone dupe folders now…?

To be honest, I don’t think you should worry, roleplaying servers shouldn’t have wire, and if they do, you may aswell gain on it.

:golfclap: Interesting read, I’d be real interested in seeing those dupes you were talking about, though.

Very nice :golfclap:

Some of the traps/explosive devices I’ve made…
WOTS Cannon**

**Zeeton Missile



VC Tripmine


-snip- Accidentally necroed, my bad.

Holy shit. Where did this thread come from?

Haha, I played on chupa as well. What was your rp name? I may have met you.
I think you did the right thing, except here in the AUS communities, the wire weps black market isnt so well known, most likely because adv dupe isn’t open to the Public on RP servers. You probably could have sold the admins in the us the weapons.
But using weapons that are toolgun based is horrible RP.
One question- why a wooden vault? Why not metal?

Same as the forums, Joey Skylynx.
And the wooden vault was too, ‘Erase’ any form of evidence of money printers. Also yeah, many servers don’t actually remove Wire Explosives, but instead blacklist their usage. I’ve tried warning quiet a bit of server owners about this, but a lot of them think that I’m lying.