The Horrible Truth 2: The Other Half of Reality

I had to finish it, sorry.

If you haven’t already, please see the original THT:

Good lord. This is so surreal. Cock block cracked me up. Fantastic sequel:biggrin:

Was expecting a more ironic death, like having that dildo to blow up in my ass.

But then it would not be as climatic.

The cock out of the sleeve part will give me nightmares. I swear it.

At least you don’t have thoughts of a nanny lawyer walking to you with a grin and you cornered in a dark alley.

Replace Nanny Lawyer with my Mistress Spencer reskin and give her a dildo and it will be my sexual fantasy.

Is there anything that isn’t your sexual fantasy? Oh right. :v:

Fantards, furries, mutilation, scat/vomit, etc,

Sexual fantasies yes. A buddy has one with the female Na’vi from the Avatar movie. He says it’s not a furry fantasy because they haven’t got fur.
And he reasoned that if it was ok for the human hero to fuck one, he had all the right to do the same in his mind.

I totally agree.

If it was not meant to be human, then it is a form of furry, like like how scaly is the reptilian version of furry.

Wait, do you agree with your friend?

I agree with him on the fucking part. If the hero can, so can he. Don’t know much about furries though. Is a human shaped lizard furry? Must there be fur to be called furry? I don’t know.

If a lizard is shaped like a human, then it is a form of furry. It doesn’t need fur, but it sure helps. I personally would NOT do anything that was not meant to be human. The furthest I’d go is vampire (not the sparkling faggots) or cyborg.

I am down with vampires (sparkling faggots not included). Werewolf’s in human form sure. And alien chicks if they have no more than 4 breasts and eyes. From there even I have standards.

Now Eli has all the control.

If everything else looks human, then it is ok, if not…

I am not a pretty rapist.

You are pretty, no matter what they say.

And I was your pretty idiot.

Lemon pie.