The horrors Blackmesa guards had to face

This is a scenebuild at gm_flatgrass_night.
All done ingame.

The build:

I wish I could scenebuild that well.

good old Kali, nice to see your new scenebuild.

nice build, but the pic itself is boring as hell. could have added some atmosphere with darker and more controlled lighting i think

My drunk friend that was by said. “What does this has to do with Bermuda?”
“It says Black mesa you idiot”.

Sent him home to his girlfriend. His reading disability is her problem now. Hope he doesn’t try to read her love poems.
Like the office.

Good to see you around!

Thanks for your views, comments and rates!

Hey, Rastifan! You know I made this picture for your site. With a slightly different pose :slight_smile: but I still can’t access to it. Do you know when it going to get fixed, if ever?

Maybe so. but then I have a feeling you would say: “Damn, too dark, can’t see shit!”.
Anyway, the lighting is rather advanced for a scenebuild, though I get what you mean. If I ever make another maybe I’ll try to make darker scene.

some slightly exaggerated lighting from the monitors, the soda machine, the battery, the dispensers and the exit sign could be enough to make an atmospheric and slightly horror-ish scene

The re direct is done by the host. Is out of my hands. I am building a new forum. Bought it before Christmas. A real phpBB forum this time.
But things have been busy. No idea when I open it. I can promise that the current issues we have now will not happen there.

Is the guard nude in that one?

There is no guard in that. Also no zombie and no blood.
It’s freeman doing something with a women. You know that’s why he was so late at work at that day…

I wasn’t familiar with scenebuilding before, so my reaction as I scrolled down was essentially “Hm, nice pic, I like the map, I wonder what HOLY SHIT THAT IS AMAZING”. Love it, wish I knew how to do that sort of stuff, it’d be so helpful for my crappy comic making.

this has always been the problem with kalixx’s pics, great detail, but shit-awful lightning.

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that’s just strawmanning to cover up your mistake, right there.