The Horseless Headless Horsemann And A Ghost Stand Guard Over The Secret Intelligence

Why is he staring at a glowing purple dildo so intently?

Because he is a Veritable Manne Of Bisexuale Stance

posing is okay, but damn man, turn up that anti-aliasing

I physically can’t, Any higher and GMod refuses to load.

>load up map
>pose scene
>turn up graphics to highest and take picture

Yeah uh, Doing that crashes GMod, do you think i’m mentally ill? I literally cannot load GMod with higher AA than X2.


Well… I am but… I’m not mental in the face…

…Well. I am but… I’m not THAT mental…

Well… I am but…

That intel is a lie!

I don’t remember your original fp user. But I remember that yo used to spam the section with 2 minute pictures like these. Make a megathread :slight_smile:

He did that for science.

You astound me sir, Really. Have this free “No-Effort-Given” Medal from Mann Co. Please.

I bet you have drawers full of those.

Hoist by my own petard. Have a Mann Co. Gentlemanne’s Service Medal.