The Hoverball Thread

Hoverballs are noobish, but they can also be very practical, as they are so far the best way to control a prop or group of props along the Y axis, without having to download a bunch of addons or being good at wire/E2. Here look at 2 videos I found that demonstrate what they can be good or bad for.



So what is the point of this thread? Just because somebody used hoverballs in a contraption doesn’t mean it sucks. Open your mind a bit, and realize that just because they’re good for noobs doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

Hoverballs may theoretically be practical for things like that turret, but hydraulics or angForce usually works far better. Hoverballs are jerky overall, and rather impractical. However, this is a good thread, though it probably ought to be in the contraptions section. It is good to give users of hoverballs a place where they can post an wont be flamed.

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