The Hunger Games | Oxide | No Fall dmg | PVP | arena |

Hi guys you welcome to join my EU server The Hunger Games

the server features Oxide Mod with the following features :

  • Arena
  • Friends
  • Base Alarm - When your home is attacked you get an alarm indicating so.
  • Door Sharing
  • Infection - whenever you got hit by a zombie you get infected, upon death a zombie spawns instead and whoever kills that zombie gets your loot.
  • No fall damage.

We also have an website for you guy to register and post you comments, suggestions and whatever is on you mind.

  • admins are always active on the server, non abusive and kind."]

i saw a post in this forum with a guy with almost same server name, i want to say that my sever is working for like 5 days now, it was up longer then his and its my original idea for the server name and arena.